never stop dreaming bigger

Life could be extremely hard and impossible especially out of your own comfort zone. We all have our comfort zones where we operate to our maximum, where we know most of the public and the public knows you and understands the culture, rules and regulations and different laws. The moment you are uprooted and planted elsewhere will you function just as well? Will you be able to still chase your dream and eventually live it?
It takes a strong personality and a drive. Once you have that passion to live, you will survive through the wilderness or even the flood. The greatest lesson I learnt was never to quit. My motto is, ” As long as I live I fight to conquer.” Even in my death bed, I would probably be able to still feed or bathe myself. That is the kind of fighter I discovered in me and intend to keep. You might have people around you telling you that you cannot make it or you are not meant for it. True, we are all never going to be president of the USA but that does not mean to stop trying. First of all if you are trying to become president of the USA you should associate with people of the like. You should already be involved in politics.
Growing up I wanted to become so many things in life. I still belive I could be each one of them if I put my mind to it. Determination goes a long way. I respect everyone that has attempted anything more than twice and are still back trying. That is the spirit of a winner. Realizing that the longest I could live is only about 120 years, I will encourage my children and my children’s children to start dreaming as soon as they can start sleeping for there isn’t so much time. Place yourself in the right direction no matter where you at. Set some goals and ask yourself what is your success plan and follow it faithfully. Anything that comes between you and your goal is your enemy and is not worth keeping around.
When I was going through nursing school I had to learn this the hard way. But the second and third time around I came back stronger and better. I learned my mistakes and above all never quit. I kept dreaming even after failing the first and second time.
Now I am happily living my dream but we can only dream bigger. You can be anything you want to become ONLY if you dream bigger.


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