Take a minute

Every day that we live is a miracle we experience.  I like to encourage people to count their blessings and name them one by one. We never get to live today twice. Surely we can whine about riding a bus to work or not driving a ferrari like Justin Bieber or any other celebrity but somebody else somewhere is not asking for all the fancy cars. They are only asking to get from point A to B. They are only asking for a couple quarters so they can ride the trolley or bus. I believe we are where we are for reasons we can only begin to understand and appreciate when we live one day at a time. Make memories of each day, week, month or year. Take photos and enjoy the free breath of air with family and friends. Critically ill people wish they could only get out of life support and breathe on their own. The crippled wish they could only take one step on their feet. Walk in the rain, and play in the snow, take some time to call your relatives on the phone and just say hi and just breathe. Truly the simple things in life are free and the best. There are so many stressors around us now that we forget the true essence of life. You really want to know how worth life could be?… Stop complaining and take a minute to realize it.


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