Real talk

Have you ever wondered to yourself why many human relationships do not last long? Or why is it that there is so much fighting amongst us? Do not be fooled by the friendly smile at a lunch date with a so called friend. All they might be doing is trying to dig some dirt from you. A few days later the whole town might be knowing about you. Gossip spreads like bush fire. Be very watchful of such friends. Their tongues are like matches ready to ignite a fire. You might think you have found a friend you could rely on and trust with all your secrets. Not too fast.
I am the friendly type and once you meet me you will realize that very quickly. My mother always used to warn me from trusting people too quickly. But I never realized the danger of it until something I had said to a friend whom I had trusted came back having been blown out of its proportion. It now made sense to me why everytime I was around people that I knew, they gave me the ugly looks and did not want to talk to me. Little did I know that what I had said to my friend long time ago had finally surfaced. But the way I heard it is not the way I had said it. My mother’s words slowly started coming back to me.
As much as we are social beings, we tend to break the rules of true friendship. I consider myself a true friend but I don’t like to hear all about my friend’s life. Of course I am more than happy to offer a crying shoulder and help whenever I could but if only you didn’t tell too much. Don’t get me wrong but your secrets are safe with me. Does that make you feel better? Nobody should be so content with somebody else knowing so much about them with the exception of a married couple. Even married couples break the rules sometimes especially when they argue and they each go to seek solace in somebody else. I know what you are thinking but don’t you go there. Do not tell your friend about what just went on between you and your spouse lest you be on the front page of the Daily Iowan. Then who could you trust? Call it absurd but your only true friend is Jesus Christ. He only wants to really help you. He does not need to know your problems so He could tell Tom, Dick, and Harry about. No! He truly wants to help you.
I choose my friends wisely now, I watch what I speak I just don’t bluster words, I don’t pay attention to other peoples’ gossip as it does not do me any good neither does it add or decrease anything in my life. If so and so just bought a private jet, good for them just keep driving your little Kia, if so and so just got arrested for dealing drugs, well sorry but life has to move on. See you on the other side of the bars. If you feel like this is about you… Maybe it is and if you agree with it then the truth has to be told.


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