Be led not misled

How difficult it is to bear
Hardships yet not share
Simply because you are not aware
Of the abounding love and care
That true friends want to spare

But be prepared for the truth
That might not sit well with the youth
Instead of jumping in and say I knew
Sit back and listen that you may be renewed
Finally your edges will be smooth

The elders are a source of wisdom. They are like a well filled with overflowing water. Simply grab your cup and come to the well and draw as much as you wish.

The sins hidden

The heart is a deviuos place
Yet many choose this path
It might look like a palace
But the inside is filled with filth
The heart is a devious place
Choose another path

The heart misleads the tender
The weak shall blindly follow
Then regretful they shall be rendered
Stand firm without sorrow
The heart misleads the tender
Choose not to follow

The heart plans to do evil
In the night sets out to destroy
And at sunrise will still prevail
Like a thief always planning to ploy
The heart plans to do evil
Choose not to destroy

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My money-saving schemes

It took me having a child to realize that I needed to cut back on my expenditures and look for ways to begin saving some money. Here are some of the ways;

Changing the car oil

Every three months I would spend about $35 dollars to get my car oil changed. I realized I could save about $25 if I only bought my filter and oil and did it myself. Besides there are a few other things you could learn to DIY and save more money. Go to YouTube and search how to… and learn a few things.


If you don’t know where to find coupons you could download the app from your smart phone and begin saving. Pennysaver is also a free newspaper that comes with various coupons. If you have a friend that always throws it away, ask him to save it for you instead.

Save the trip to the barbershop

This is again one of the DIY tasks but I decided to have it in its own category. If you are like me and your hair grows quickly then you need to learn this skill. I would spend $15 week to get my hair lined up and trimmed because it gets bushy quickly.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

I realized if you want to buy plasma televisions, wait towards the end or the beginning of the year. They are super cheap. If you are a crazy shopper, just be a little patient and wait on holidays when things get cheaper. Finally Black Friday usually have some great deals. You will be amazed at how much you save.

Search for cheaper deals

Cheaper phone plans, cheaper cable, cheaper everything, cheaper SUV deals, cheaper airline tickets, you name it; but be careful, some other deals are too good to be true so do your homework well.


You could find anything here costing even 5 times cheaper than the store; enough said.

What are your money-saving schemes?

Get ready to exhale

I wrote this poem when I was thinking of so many things that could go wrong, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Only a bit longer and you shall be jumping up and down again in joy and celebration. In your trials and tribulations, hold fast to your faith and hope.

When all else seems to fail
When the crowd jeers and yells
When nobody makes you feel well
Get ready to exhale

When a loved one is gone
When nobody else is home
When in life you are all alone
Get ready to exhale

When the day seems dark
When there’s no hope and you are stuck
When the only choice seems to turn back
Get ready to exhale

This certainly works

As we go about the helter skelters of the day, the last thing in our minds is to get home and unwind. From the boss breathing hot air over your shoulders,to deadlines at work, a major exam, paying bills, and so on. These things run us down and wears us off. Driving home from work or school, beating the rush hour traffic are a norm but after sometime they become stressors.

I figured somewhere between life and death there are always things that will raise themselves against your peace of mind, joy, and well-being. But I also figured ways to keep them away, although a little stress here and there is allowed;

1. Listen to music

Your choice of music, let it play while you sit back and reminisce. The old skool music will always play the trick, it takes you back when bread wasn’t worth a dime. Those are the days when life was easy.

2. Take a nap

Forget about work projects, school assignments, or any other thing that might be lingering in your head and take a deep sleep. Sleep like a baby.

3. Take a warm bubble bath

These helps you relax and even loosen up your tensed up muscles. You have no idea what a bubble bath does to you until you take a dive in the tub and pour in some sweet-smelling fragrance body gel. It works the magic, I promise.

4. Cuddle

If you can’t afford the pre heated squishy pillow, just grab your lover or spouse especially in this cold winter weather and watch a romantic movie. It costs you nothing but a $1.00 at the red box. Just kick back and enjoy a classic like Titanic or the Notebook, they have never been outdated.

5. Pray, meditate, exercise

Find your inner peace, it runs from inside out. Prayer moves mountains, let it move your stressors away too by connecting to the creator or your inner person. It makes your skin glow when you are relaxed and at peace.

What is your tip to unwind?

Money, Power, and Respect

Poverty is transient or better yet a state of mind only the individual has control of. To some it appears inherent, those who are born and die in it. Even oppressive is when we turn on our tvs and see Hollywood stars spend millions of dollars on what we might consider vain. Legal or illegal how they make their money, they command a lot of power and respect. The Hollywood’s stars are so many that we could name at least one right off the top of our heads. We love some and some we love to hate.

Mel Gibson is for instance one of them. He has produced, directed, and acted many movies and most of them I liked. Although what almost freezed my brain about him was the millions that were at stake of his divorce. When I saw the figure I wondered if I would be able to make the smallest fraction of that amount before I die. $425 million dollars. He could donate about $30 to every American and still keep some change. That’s how insanely rich he is. The list goes on, but I want to mention Asthon Kutcher too.

One of my all time favorite singers is Seal. And when I heard about his divorve, it made me shed a tear. He appears to be the perfect daddy and hubby. The divorce does not change how I feel about him. He is still an awesome singer and had a beutiful wife. What is riduculous is him using his divorce in order to market his upcoming album. Of course it’s a smart move, but Hollywood c’mon now. Every opportunity they get to make more millions in their banks and become more popular they will take. The list goes on, but I would like to add Kim Kardashian to the list? Do you notice a glitch?

Just recently Detroit’s Prince Fielder was offered an astounding amount of $214 million dollars to stay with the Tigers. Of course he agreed to the 9 year deal. There are so many other who have been offered deals but don’t compare to this. They own the most exoensive pads, they drive the best cars, and they live out loud. They mean and live the words “money makes the world go round”.

What is your opinion about the money making schemes of celebrities?

Let’s meet in the middle

It seems so obvious yet it just dawned on me that as we are passing judgement on others, others are also passing judgement on us. Thank God for that vantage of wisdom. This came to me as a contemporary with a recent incident. Picture this; A guy and a girl on a blind date sit at a fancy restaurant getting to know each other. The girl thinks Mr.X is just not as attractive and doesn’t fit into her list of Mr.Right. The guy on the other hand thinks Mrs.Y is just not as hilarious as he would date therefore he begins to daydream. They still laugh through the date as if they are satisfied with each other but solely not. Now that’s the epitome of pretense but it’s the truth.

How do we fix this train wreck? We all have expectations of all sorts. We don’t always get our way and that’s just how life has been programmed. I expect to get paid a lot more than I already do because I think I am a good worker and qualified but my employer won’t give me a raise yet. I therefore resorted to get a higher education and then I could probably get what I’ve always wanted. That is just a speck of the idea.

There are thousands of instances where the same ideation could apply. The inception to fair relations in all relationships should embark here. Allow me to serve as the mediator to this arbitration here and now. I don’t mean to be a clown but the verdict here should say: In order to be safe and satisfied, loosen up your expectations and go the extra mile to fit in the expectations of others. I guess what I am trying to say is more of do unto others as you would have them do unto you than change your personality and beliefs at the cost of so and so. It only makes sense.

Is trying to find a common ground a fair game; Why or why not?


Many things inspire me on different levels. Our hearts are like hidden treasures, an ocean of different likes and dislikes and all sorts of emotions. I imagine it as a source of so much energy that cannot be contained in our tiny physiques. I am still discovering new things about me as the day goes by. So how about take your fishing line and go throw it out in your ocean of interests and inspirations that have not been discovered and see what kind of fish you get?
I was watching Jerry Wonda today; he is a songwriter and a composer. He just blew me out of my mind by his talent. In my opinion he is one of the geniuses in the music industry. And just by watching him and seeing the passion by which he works, it got me inspired. Normally I have a third eye and notices things that other people may fail to notice. Now this man here is talented. The fact that he can take your story and turn it into a song at the instant you present it and incorporates all your emotions in it is superb.

I am inspired to learn how to play the guitar and be able to tell my stories through music as well. I watch Jerry Wonda play and feel a genuine jealousy. He is meticulous. I could have learned how to play the guitar years ago as all my family is musical and can either sing or play an instrument or both. Unfortunately I put it aside and now regrets. The feeling that you get from striking those strings and making music is impeccable. It’s a creation. The joy that comes from the sound of a guitar makes my heart swell with joy. I want to learn it so bad that I became proactive and signed up for a class at my College. I learned that West Music gives lessons for pretty cheap as well.

Music is such an inspiration. It calms, it heals, it brings memories, it brings joy, and so on. I love all kinds of music. If it sounds good it’s worth a listen. I like to pick out each instrument as it plays in the background and just listen closely.

What brings you inspiration?

Pure heart ache

Heart beating through my chest, tiny beads of perspiration collecting on my forehead and my palms beginning to sweat, yet still I pressed on. If I could take my heart apart, somewhere in there I could find the answer, but I was stubborn and never looked back. If I was to take a stand and speak, I would be dumbfounded. My own heart be the jury and I’d be guilty as charged. Guilty of murder! Yes, I had just committed murder and there was no turning back.I had cut through my lover’s chest and pulled out her heart in my fist, squeezed it, and threw it to the ground and trampled over it. Now while she sits there sobbing with tears running down her cheeks, I stood motionless. Thoughts raced across my mind but could not catch a single one of them.I stayed calm, and said a short prayer: “Lord help me hold my head up”. Right there and then peace came down on me, flowing like a stream and my head cleared up.
I search for joy and peace but in the search of it I hurt others. Do I intend? Of course NO. Life is not meant to be complicated or insanely intolerable. A little ray of light goes a long way to illuminate a dark room. Laughter is the best medicine. I guard my joy and peace very closely because I worked hard for them. At one point of time, I was so heavily laden with sorrow that I knew nothing else but sorrow.
A heart crushed, picked up and sewn back into the chest and allowed time to heal recovers again. Distance makes the heart grow fonder. Although far away to help with the healing, my heart goes out to you. And only because of love, will a broken heart be free to fly and glide in the warmth of a rare gift. Here’s to the celebration of love…

Can a broken heart be mended again?

5 things that add up to my job satisfaction.

Let us be honest; at times we end up in jobs that don’t turn out as perfectly as we would have imagined. Throughout my work history I pin pointed the things that made my job more tolerable and worth keeping. Here are the ones that really added up to my satisfaction;

1. Helping other people directly.

2. The day-to-day contact with the public.

3. Receiving recognition for work.

4. Adequate salary.

5. Setting own time schedule or flexibility.

6. ?

Fill 6 with the thing that adds up to your job satisfaction.