Finally more sex.

Whatever happened to waiting to have sex until vows were exchanged? How about being true to only one lover til death to part? With that being said, let me introduce you a little to my culture.
Boy meets girl, they fall in love. Sorry to disappoint you but that’s as far as the romance is allowed to go. Woe unto you if you are caught by the elders holding hands,even worse kissing. I know what you are thinking but the answer is NO. There is no death sentence to having sex outside of wedlock. But I am aware of cultures that would kill you. Although in my culture that would be considered a big abominiation. You are now probably saying to yourself you will never get married to an African girl because you might end up not getting some. In fact if you are looking for love making outside of this world, this is where it’s at. The girls are taught how to please their men in bed and outside of the bed. They could do tricks that might seem impossible.
Well so now you are in love with one of the African sisters…You are then required to present yourself to the female’s parents and state your intentions. Bring your father to talk on your behalf, or an uncle or big brother or a male guardian. This is so as to involve both families and ensure that they are both aware of their kids’ relationship and they approve of it. Then the female’s parents will present you with a whole list of things that you will be required to buy for her parents and as if that was not enough, a dowry in form of money is also required. Once all is said and done now you can rightfully take your lover with you and consummate them and have as many babies as you both wish.
I know that might be too much for you to wrap your mind around but you haven’t heard nothing yet. Remember you might still want to arrange a religious or a civil wedding. This is all outside of what was discussed in the previous paragraphs. This is a whole new budget but it is no longer mandated.


5 comments on “Finally more sex.

  1. The best women are from Africa…… Tell em baby because you got yourself an African- Queen the girl of your dreams..

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