“I wish I knew”, is a statement many of us make. It could be from making hasty decisions, being uninformed, lacking knowledge, or even just from sheer stupidity. Sometimes we don’t have control over it. Whatever the reason, nobody seems to like travelling down this road. Sometimes we begin to shift the blame on a person or a thing instead of acknowledging it as our own mistake and moving on. As an adult you are accountable for your own mistakes unless you are not mentally stable.
“What if I had just walked away in the heat of the argument?” you would begin to regret. “Then I wouldn’t have shoved the knife through his chest”. A lot of times it is too late and you have to deal with the consequences. “What if I hadn’t met him or her, maybe life would have been a lot more better or worse, what if I hadn’t got drunk and left with him or her, I wouldn’t have committed adultery, what if I had just studied a little more harder, maybe I would have graduated, what if I had not made this investment and instead made that one, maybe I wouldn’t have lost so much money, what if I had been born in that family and not this one, maybe I would have been a better and happier person,what if I had not taken that first shot of coke, maybe I would not have been a junkie now, what if I had woken up just a little bit earlier, maybe I would not have gotten fired from my job today, what if I had waited little bit longer, maybe I would not have gotten in that car accident, what if I had boarded the next airplane, maybe I would still be alive”. I could go on and on but the point is to accept what you can’t change and take a minute longer to procrastinate before you jump into something. That way you already know what you are getting yourself into. Life is too short to live it all with regrets. Have a good day.


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