The little voice

Everybody has it, and yet ignores it most of the time. It’s always that sweet, soft voice in our hearts that we fail to listen to. It’ s like a guide to our lives and a light to our paths. We sometimes don’t know what is right and have a difficult time to choose. God has provided us with this voice in order to direct us. There’s always too many voices talking in us and all are trying to get there way with us. But it is always the patient, and kind voice that will lead you to the right path. It’s easy to discern it.
I have failed to follow the little voice a couple times myself and on a few instances led me to life changing experiences. Twice in my life I have rubbed shoulders with death. You have heard people say, their whole life flashes in front of their eyes. Well it really does. I have lived for 26 years and I literally saw my whole life play in front of me in a stretch of about 15 seconds. This one time remains cleaer in the back of my head and I replay it everytime I find myself in the same situations again. But on this specific day my mother says my life was spared by God. I believe her.

Earlier before the incident the little voice told me to go to church and volunteer to make peanut butter jelly sandwiches to take to a crisis center. I was tired and just wanted to sleep in. It was gloomy outside and the clouds looked pregnant and ready to go into labor. Perfect day t o stay in and watch a couple of movies. But God had my day planned out. So I got up and went to church, it was always a fun time where we would talk and joke while we worked. After the sandwiches were done I volunteered to deliver them and later went back to my mom’s where she made me a huge meal, we ate while we talked. By now the clouds could not hold the rain anymore so it began pouring. I was done eating and said our goodbyes and this time it just felt as if it was really a goodbye and not see you later. I decided to pass by a friend’s before I went home and borrowed some movies and again the conversation sounded to me as if it was the last. Why? I don’t know. But I believe you know it when it is near. So I left hoping that I was heading for a nice evening. I got into my truck and drove off and before I got into the freeway I decided to call my then girlfriend, and we started talking on the phone. The little voice inside me said, “It is raining so you should probably be off the phone and focus on driving”. I ignored it. I took the exit into the free way and within 500 feet of merging in, the scariest thing in my life happened. But it was just the beginning. My truck skiid on the road like a sledge on snow and almost drove into a truck next to me and my phone flew out of my hands. But then the four wheel drive was back on truck. I should have taken it as a warning but I picked up the phone from the floor of my car and said to my fiancee, “That was close, I almost I had an accident!”. Little did I know that I could have been driving in my coffin. In another split second, my truck just flung out of my control and even though I still had the steering wheel in my hands I could not control it. My heart raced. The car began moving from side to side knocking me around. Of course my cell phone flew out of my hands again. I have always considered myself as a great driver, I still do. But on this day I could not do anything to save myself. My truck seemed to have a mind of it’s own and on a mission to kill me. At one point I saw the car tip on one side and drove on two wheels and almost tipped over but then again came back on all fours. As if that was not enough, it began spinning around until I became nauseated. I saw other cars coming behind me stop. I tried pushing on the breaks but they wouldn’t work. It was then that my life started flashing before me. I pled for forgiveness and called out onto Jesus. I saw my funeral and my poor mother crying. At some point I got mad at myself for not listening to the little voice, now I have to watch myself die at a young age. Then I felt some kind of peace dawn on me as I had said my goodbyes. Now the horror was about to begin. The truck left the freeway and headed down hill. It was going for the kill. There was a river at the end of the hill. I was going fast and could see how I was cutting through the long grasses so fast. I tried to unfasten myself from the seat belt and tried to open the door so I could jump out but I was locked inside. I was like a bird in a cage trying to escape but it was all in vain. I knocked my head and legs around but the pain was not anywhere close to how bad I wanted to escape. Finally I could not fight anymore and just like that God came through. How that tree came in the way I still do not know but it saved me from diving into the river. All of a sudden I ran into the tree so hard that the truck stopped. This is the part I become emotional because it was then that my life was spared. I came out of the car and could not believe the fall of about 200 feet. And here I was standing up with a few injuries. I looked up the hill and saw people come running down as if it was a gold rush. But they were coming to save me. They quickly moved me from the scene and helped me up the hill and started asking me if I was fine. They asked me if I needed to go to the hospital and if I had any close family that I would like to be called. I was still in a major shock and even though it was raining and I was being offered an umbrella I chose not to be covered. I looked down to where my body could have been laying dead and I looked up to the heavens and I thanked God for another day.


One comment on “The little voice

  1. God is good n by him giving you à second chance of life Its the greatest gifts he has ever given me and your son.. i always tell you that God loves you n so do We:)

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