Circle of friends

Life is like music, but I shouldn’t have danced to all the tunes. When I narrate my stories I realize that I am like an actor and the world is my stage and everyone around me is the cast. I want my audience to see me through the words that I write. Yet if I could I would have changed the script over a couple times. But we learn from mistakes and grow from them, the goal is ahead. I have changed my character severally as the years have gone by. Although I only stand 5 foot 6, I feel like I am 10 foot tall, because I have grown from my mistakes, emotionally, psychologically, and spiritually.
San Diego, CA was a good city. I left and relocated to Iowa, IA. These two cities are the total opposite of each other. I learned to adjust to the different lifestyle, weather and had a new circle of friends or so I thought. I was in for a rude shock. Word on the street was that the particular people I began hanging out with, were troublesome and venomous to be precise. I did not pay attention to the rumors and was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. As a matter of fact we were already becoming closer and closer. I wanted to see it in order to believe it. Little did I know I was being misled by the outward appearance and that the friendship would soon grow into a hideous competition?
To some extent I was lonely and wanted to belong and I felt like I was in the right place, at least at that moment. A little too far into the friendship I met a girl that caught my eye (I am going to call her Alexis for privacy purposes)but was a distant relative of my then wing man (I am going to call him Cletus for privacy reasons). As we started talking, I realized that my friend Cletus wasn’t pleased by it but at the end of the day we started dating. During our courtship I got to learn how dysfunctional Cletus’ family was. Soon our friendship started falling apart and by this time I was positive and over the moon convinced that I was going down the wrong path. I was backstabbed several times and yet still remained a friend. A lot of harsh words were spoken behind my back and could just not understand why so much bitterness against me. Well for one I had a beautiful apartment, a well paying job; I dated somebody that everybody loved to hate, was an attractive young man (still is ), and was just living comfortably. That was enough to stir up hatred and such zeal to see my downfall.

On a summer day of 2009 I decided I had had enough of this small town yet very troubled and was getting ready to relocate to Dallas, TX with my cousin, Florence. I had laid down a plan and Florence was willing to help me get through with it. On the morning just before my final was scheduled, there was a loud knock at the door that changed my life completely. Remember Cletus who had wanted to destroy my life? Of all the rumors he had spread about me, none of them brought out a reaction such as this. He had crossed the line. According to Iowa’s law 709C.1, it’s a class B felony with a penalty of not more than 25 years in jail to intentionally sleep around knowing that you have an STD. With that being said and done, I was being “linked” to this crime, as rumors had it, by allowing my then girlfriend’s sister (I will call her Margaret for privacy purposes) to sleep with another friend (I am going to call him Bob for privacy purposes) of mine and yet being aware of her HIV status. On that fateful day, Bob came over to my apartment panting and scared shitless. He called me to the side and told me he just spoke to Cletus and he told him that Margaret was HIV positive and I knew about but failed to fore warn him but it was already too late because he had slept with her. For all I knew I was not ready to spend a quarter of a century in jail for some crap like that. I told Margaret about the rumor and you could literally see her breathe fire from her nose. She was enraged. Everybody around town knew she was not a person to mess around with. Cletus had completely crossed the line. Margaret was ready to kick some ass but I was able to calm her down and told her we could go and talk to him calmly and get to the root of it as well as clear my name off that stupid rumor. That was the beginning of bad things to come. Coming close to Cletus apartment, you could see him peek through his bedroom window. Margaret and her girlfriends went upstairs while Alexis and I hang around the staircase. Margaret knocked on the door but in vain. Having seen Cletus peek through the window, Margaret was convinced that he was inside and running away from trouble that he had caused. Suddenly I heard a thud and then a few screams and some struggle that went on for a few seconds. Margaret had broken into the apartment. All of a sudden Cletus came running down the flight of stairs like lightening and past me. I tried to stop him but ran fast as a deer. I tried to catch up with him and while I trailed behind him I kept saying, “I just wanna talk”, over and over but he looked back and said, “I swear I am going to lock you up”. It made no sense. On the other hand Cletus’ uncle was hurling insults at me, belittling me and this got the best of me. I was bubbling with anger and I swung a punch at him. He was reluctant to fight back. Alexis held me back and begged me to simmer down. Little did we know that while we were walking towards Cletus’ apartment, he had already called the police on us? No arrests were made but my name had been given to the police by Cletus. On the morning of May 9th at 9:30am the police came to my apartment and arrested all of us and despite Margaret taking all the blame, Cletus insisted that I was the one that broke his door, beat him up, destroyed his property and stole his money. I was in jail for 24 days after which he was begged to drop the charges. I ended up being dropped out of my respiratory therapy class and wasted a whole 3 weeks of my life, and ruined plans that I had for the future. It’s with such pain that I am writing this but also thankful to God that I am at a place in life where I can stand tall again.


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