I look at myself in the eyes of my son; very innocent, knows no sin, knows not where he came from nor where he is going. He is a human being being molded and prepared for the world. The world doesn’t decide who conquers it, but us. We don’t choose what country, what family, what gender, what season, or what year we want to be born in; suddenly we just come along and suddenly we exit the earth. How well do we define life when everything seems to have been premeditated for us; in a certain year, town, family you shall be born?

The world could be a horrible place to bring up a child until scientists decide whether Mars could support life. Until then, we have to make the best of it out here where we know as home. Although true, this statement felt as if it was mocking me or abusing my intelligence; “if you say life if hard, what are you comparing it to?”. What else besides life do we know? Life is what we make of it.

When we are placed on earth, we have an assignment; you and I both. Your assignment might not be mine and certainly not the other way around. As I bring up my son, I hate to think that I am bringing him up in a world of injustice, in a world of crime and sorrow, in a world that punishes the good and spares the bad. My body shivers and trembles at the thought of it. I am bringing up my son to be a man with direction, a man that knows he can change his situations, a man that has respect for all humanity, and a man of dignity.

This is what I detest, what disgusts me and makes me sick; being judged by my race and ethnicity. Those that that discriminate against because of color may never get to see what lies past those innocent eyes. They are technically blind. How rude would it be for an employer to  readily dismiss your application because your last name sounds “weird”. Unfortunately the world has been able to reduce people to color and ignore the qualities possessed by individuals. It’s a pity.I look forward for a world that will not put my son down because his color. Remember neither you nor I signed up for this therefore let us embrace ourselves and move on. It’s easy.

Well have a good day everyone!


2 comments on “Jubilee

  1. We have so far to go to make our world a completely just place. Sometimes I get so frustrated with people and sometimes I manage to remember that we generally do keep trying. It might be slow progress, but we seem to improve our world with time. We have setbacks but also leaps forward.

    Your little guy is super adorable, by the way!

    • I certainly agree. A lot has changed from the past but it seems to be slowly progressing to a satisfactory point. I live in Iowa where the black population is undoubtedly very low and although I have been a victim of racism I can’t say it has been so bad. By the way thank you for complimenting my son, he is gifted!

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