Out of the blue

Starting a family is an innate feeling that haunts most of us as we become of age; the need to care for your own child especially if you hang around friends who have kids. The feeling is amazing once you actually get to bond with your child. As you hold that child in your arms and gaze into his eyes, the world just gets a whole new meaning. It is amazing how even the rowdies of all men could settle down once this life changing moment arrives. On the contrary how sad would it be to bring a helpless being into this earth only to disown it for your own selfish reasons. Children deserve the world. It’s among the best celebrations, to welcome a child in this world. A lot of my male buddies admit to have been scared out of their pants at first just because they had no clue how the child would affect their lives. I am first to admit I was clueless but suddenly I mastered fatherhood. Certainly men are just as excited as the mothers to become parents. It’s a call to duty, it’s a new relationship being established, it’s a dream come true.
I woke up to a terrifying nightmare the other day. My son had just turned 2 and could talk a lot more fluently. He approached me and said,”daddy I need new clothes!”. Apparently he had worn the same clothes and the other kids were making fun of him. I thought to myself, why would he ask for new clothes when he had a closet full of name brands.It hadn’t occurred to me that I had just woken up in such poverty that I couldn’t support my family. I was so terrified that I jumped out of bed feeling like I had run a 100 meter race. It’s the scariest feeling not being able to provide.
My son gave me the purpose for life and turned my life around. He is the reason I wake up every morning and very enthusiastically attend work and/or school. What more can I say but I have become a better person because of the precious gift from God.

What about you, what has made you into a better person today?


2 comments on “Out of the blue

  1. We totally agree to what you say about becoming a better person in the process of having a child. We just have our daughter and honestly, the first few days of her coming was unreal. It’s as if we were dreaming. We are not anymore just two people for each other but a family. We know we have so much to learn with her in our lives now but we are still thankful for her birthing. Blessed be our children! Our bundle of joy and happiness.

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