My short biography


Every hour we live brings us closer to our goals, every minute we breathe brings us closer to our death, and every second we live is a chance to become a better person. We are humans, we are bound to make mistakes. I have messed up so many times that I can’t keep count but each time I do I learn quickly and move on up.

I look back at where I came from and every time I do I never fail to tear down. Tears of joy and not sorrow. Who knew that on this date I would be where I am at now? I dreamt of it, I had prayed over it, but it just never occurred to me that it would have happened anytime sooner than it did. It’s like there’s someone who has my life laid out and I am just acting the role.

Born in the mid 80s to a middle class family, and raised partly somewhere in the Congo and then in Kenya, life was good. I had 5 elder brothers that loved each other but also had conflicts with one another like every family does; but the bond we had with each other was solid. It goes on to this date even though we are grown and living separately.

I was a happy-go-lucky young man. I made a lot of friends, I cried, I played, I laughed, and I was torn apart. Sometimes I think if we knew what was to come ahead then life wouldn’t be as interesting. It is more exciting to watch your life unfold before your eyes. As many families would, ours went through some hardships and eventually broke up. My father went through a mid-life crisis or call it quarter life crisis and caused the family a lot of turmoil. Two of my brothers got lucky and moved to overseas. As the financial situation got strenuous they would greatly help us back home. At some point our education got interrupted now and then because we could not afford the tuition and we would be on and off school. My father, the bread-winner stopped caring. My mother had to go out of her way and become the bread-winner to the youngest children left at home; my kid sister, my brother, and I. The love of a mother runs deeper than the ocean. I watched my mother beat herself up to feed us and send us back to school. She technically died so we could live. I love her to death. The financial situation got so bad that finally we lost our house and my father took off. We were on the streets. Life became so bitter that death almost tasted sweet. I considered suicide at one point but thought of how much it would affect my mother; how selfish of me. We were not in the streets for a long time; different families picked us up and again our family got smaller. My mother kept working hard to bring us home and eventually she managed.

We were living in our small apartment and skipping some meals but the joy of having each other was satisfactory. After completing high school I started to hustle and help my mother out a bit. My big break came when I landed a sitcom role on national tv. It was a great experience, and the money was good too. In 2006 a call from one of my elder brothers brightened my mother’s world and ours too. It was a call to leave behind all our miseries and go have a better life. It was with such joy that we left our home country to come live in America but a piece of my heart (my brother) was left. Life has been great, we have each made great achievements individually and are still continuing to make ourselves better.

Who do you have to thank in your life for where you are today?

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