Let’s meet in the middle

It seems so obvious yet it just dawned on me that as we are passing judgement on others, others are also passing judgement on us. Thank God for that vantage of wisdom. This came to me as a contemporary with a recent incident. Picture this; A guy and a girl on a blind date sit at a fancy restaurant getting to know each other. The girl thinks Mr.X is just not as attractive and doesn’t fit into her list of Mr.Right. The guy on the other hand thinks Mrs.Y is just not as hilarious as he would date therefore he begins to daydream. They still laugh through the date as if they are satisfied with each other but solely not. Now that’s the epitome of pretense but it’s the truth.

How do we fix this train wreck? We all have expectations of all sorts. We don’t always get our way and that’s just how life has been programmed. I expect to get paid a lot more than I already do because I think I am a good worker and qualified but my employer won’t give me a raise yet. I therefore resorted to get a higher education and then I could probably get what I’ve always wanted. That is just a speck of the idea.

There are thousands of instances where the same ideation could apply. The inception to fair relations in all relationships should embark here. Allow me to serve as the mediator to this arbitration here and now. I don’t mean to be a clown but the verdict here should say: In order to be safe and satisfied, loosen up your expectations and go the extra mile to fit in the expectations of others. I guess what I am trying to say is more of do unto others as you would have them do unto you than change your personality and beliefs at the cost of so and so. It only makes sense.

Is trying to find a common ground a fair game; Why or why not?


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