My money-saving schemes

It took me having a child to realize that I needed to cut back on my expenditures and look for ways to begin saving some money. Here are some of the ways;

Changing the car oil

Every three months I would spend about $35 dollars to get my car oil changed. I realized I could save about $25 if I only bought my filter and oil and did it myself. Besides there are a few other things you could learn to DIY and save more money. Go to YouTube and search how to… and learn a few things.


If you don’t know where to find coupons you could download the app from your smart phone and begin saving. Pennysaver is also a free newspaper that comes with various coupons. If you have a friend that always throws it away, ask him to save it for you instead.

Save the trip to the barbershop

This is again one of the DIY tasks but I decided to have it in its own category. If you are like me and your hair grows quickly then you need to learn this skill. I would spend $15 week to get my hair lined up and trimmed because it gets bushy quickly.

Sale! Sale! Sale!

I realized if you want to buy plasma televisions, wait towards the end or the beginning of the year. They are super cheap. If you are a crazy shopper, just be a little patient and wait on holidays when things get cheaper. Finally Black Friday usually have some great deals. You will be amazed at how much you save.

Search for cheaper deals

Cheaper phone plans, cheaper cable, cheaper everything, cheaper SUV deals, cheaper airline tickets, you name it; but be careful, some other deals are too good to be true so do your homework well.


You could find anything here costing even 5 times cheaper than the store; enough said.

What are your money-saving schemes?


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