Valentine’s Day is coming.

How can we NOT see it?  It seems as the dawn of each holiday approaches, the wondrous commercial industry which peddles its wares reminds us how much money we are required to spend to prove our love for those we claim to adore every other day of the year.  For Valentine’s, pretty hearts of truffles and chocolates.  Coffee mugs with cute little white teddy bears holding a tiny red heart.  Roses, roses, everywhere roses.  Beautiful lingerie with ribbon adornments.

Valentine’s is a strange holiday, however.  It’s a celebration of LOVE.  Romantic love more than any other kind.  Women roll their eyes as men everywhere rejoice in the certainty of their getting laid this one night out of the other 364 evenings.  A few chocolates, some flowers, maybe a meal and WHAALAH!… legs open wide and dripping va-ja-ja’s.  Thus making it almost truly “magical” for some males.

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  1. Awwwww…! You are the first EVER to re-blog one of my posts! 🙂 Thank you.. I’m glad you liked it. I’d like to think I’m funny but… I write nearly a post everyday. I have this CRAZY urge to write all the time, and at some point, I want to put it together in a book. Thank you again! How freeking awesome!

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