The silent language

How amazing is the attraction between humans? Am not only talking about sexual attraction but on a broad spectrum including just a friendly one. It seems like there is an unspoken language that transpires when two humans meet or walk past each other in the hallways, malls, even outside in the streets. Bonds may root up just like that and a serious friendship is begotten.

While shopping at the stores minding my own business like I usually do, I came across a guy that seemed pretty familiar. He looked back at me with a look that said he might have known me from another world. Even without the exchange of words, you realize an ample amount of communication going on. This same notion appears to be taking place in animals as well. I get carried away staring at dogs as they go about their normal routines. They do somethings in an orderly manner and this just leaves me extremely interesred in learning this silent language.

As I went on with my shopping, my eyes automatically locked up with the familiar looking guy again. I was not following him and neither was he following me, or so I hope. But there is an electrical impulse that seems to be taking place within you if you pay close attention to your body, when an attraction is occuring. It also seems like it starts with the eyes. Truly the eyes are the doors to your heart. Nevertheless, humans like to have their guards up at all times anticipating harm from other humans. Instead of one of us approaching the other, we ignore this electrical current that has been so obvious. Finally I decided to take the initial step and say hey. I thank God I did because if I hadn’t I would have lost a chance that would probably never come back again. This man happened to be a very close friend of the family that lived with us many years ago. How we all came to be at the same place, at the same time is still a mystery to me. It might all have been a dream.

I intend to follow my intuitions more and and just take a minute out of my time to recognize another human being. You never know; you might be saying hi to the person that will be solving a lot of your problems or even your future spouse. We are all sailing together in this ship called earth and we need each other in order to float.

Why are human connections so important?

6 comments on “The silent language

  1. Isn’t it a loss that we so often do not heed to that thread that runs between us? I remember years ago reading the Don juan (Carlos Casteneda) books and there was mention of a series of threads that emanate from each of us and are seeking to connect, yet so often we let it go ‘flopping around’ without allowing that connection. I sometimes enjoy saying something ‘nice’, for lack of a better description, to someone and then disappearing so that they might dwell on the compliment without having to fear that there is some ulterior motive to my reaching out, or that they must feel that awkward moment of trying to reciprocate. Drive-by love, possibly. Makes me feel better for expressing, and I hope that the recipient feels something good and innocent…and occasionally the connection sticks

    • I am truly blown out by this. Thank you so much for your input. It’s wonderful to know that the feeling I have been having lately must have occured to somebody else and even has a book out. I must find it. Again thank you for stopping by.

  2. I would highly recommend “The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz, and the follow-up, “The Fifth Agreement”. They should be easy to find. I found the first one in a used book store and just picked it up on a whim…had never heard of it, and it became one of my favorite books. The Carlos Casteneda books deal with his ‘adventures’ with don Juan, a Yaqui Indian. The first book is “A Separate Reality”. It deals quite a bit with the scientific properties of peyote, but that’s in the second half of the book. I don’t think I even read that part.

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