Food obsession


Recently I just became obsessed with food and it only scares me. I am simply scared. Initially I wouldn’t stand the smell of certain foods… Well some foods are still stinky to me but it’s really amazing just how talking about food triggers my peristalsis.

I sleep full and wake up hungry as though I never ate at all. I mean how on earth. One time my metabolic rate is  high and the next it’s low. But recently it’s stayed up there and the refrigerator is just seeing more of me.

Once afraid to gain weight therefore refrained from binging but all that care is now out the window. After all when I add weight it’s not going to be a good amount so where is all the food at? Food is just artistic, so I realized. To understand what I am saying, look at it before and after it’s made. I like the after look better.

Once food used to send me away but not anymore. I hear it calling from every corner. I love my home cooked food, so much that I am reluctant to eat out. Well that was before food got attractive again. Now as long as it’s well done I am willing to eat; sorry sushi you and I are just incompatible.

Time to eat is sacred. It’s a time to talk and entertain each other in between the bites.  Bon apetit…

What’s your obsession?


2 comments on “Food obsession

  1. I like good food too, I especially like Thai and Japanese cuisines. Another obsession is books and photography. Tho’ I am just a newbie in the “photography” part.

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