Good people making bad choices

It pains me to see a lot of young people slowly but gradually destroying themselves. I believe somewhere in their hearts lives a totally different person from the men they depict. It’s only unfortunate. Once upon a time I stood on the other side of the fence and at that time thought it was a “cool” thing. If it hurts your reputation it’s probably not cool. And that’s what I did to myself, that’s what a lot of these young folks are doing to themselves.

For a very long time I was attracted to the tough and mean look that I saw in other guys. It felt like the right thing to do especially since women seemed to adore those type of guys. I transformed myself into this monster that became unstoppable. I was living on the fast lane. I took a completely different personality and began falling in love with it. When I was in the midst of friends I received praises. They loved the person I had become. I felt accepted and had no intentions of going back to my old, boring, and mellow self.

I made sure I had alcoholic drinks in my refrigerator. I immediately replaced beer with hard liquor, and tried recreational drugs. I never dreamt doing anything unclean or what my parents would consider worthy of punishment. Here I was deviating from the ways that I was brought. I loved the attention it brought. I had to think of other ways to get more attention, and the immediate decision was to woo as many girls as I could. The more girls I had under my command the more popular I became. The next step was to get “tatted up”. I walked into a tattoo shop and got my first tattoo. I was at a place that felt comfortable. If I took a step outside of me and looked at the person I had become I would have failed to recognize myself.

What most young people fail to recognize is that all the things we do out of the thrill of it will eventually come back and bite us. I am thankful to the people who stayed positive and true and helped me from straying too far away from sanity. Had I made the right choices I would never had fallen short of the law. Once bitten twice shy, but some people will just not learn. A lot of young people standing outside the court doors awaiting trials seem to be wishing they hadn’t made the mistakes they are paying for. While it is sad that such things would happen to good people, it is also a person’s initiative to become the person that you initially was at the day you were born.

What’s your take on this topic?

6 comments on “Good people making bad choices

  1. I think we all experience this, but its what we learn from it and how we react from it that makes a difference. I have a brother in law whos almost in his 40Ks who still acts like he’s a teenager, its sad. My in laws adopted his son 9 yrs ago because he didnt want him and my nephews mother isnt any better. We all have to grow up sometime, but when we decide to grow up makes a big difference. Great post!!!

  2. Thank you for your input. I like your take on this topic, it is one of those sensitive topics cos as you said we’ve all been down the same road. But it makes a difference if you learn and pick yourself up and change your ways rather than keep treading the same road.

  3. I really enjoyed this post. People just don’t get it that there is nothing to be gained from doing the wrong things except your intention is to hurt yourself in the long run. I’ve come to realise that life is much sweeter when we let go of the world’s imposed complexities and glory in the simple things that really matter.

    • I had to learn that first hand. It’s amazing that most people would wait to go through a few incidents before they decide to correct their ways. You said it well, you said it well. Thank you for your input and stopping by.

  4. Im happy you have learned from tout mistakes… And im very happy to say that your son and I are very proud of the man you have become today:) keep it up

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