Confessions of a country boy

The boy from the country sat on the top floor of the building, and drowned himself deep in thought as the crispy air blew across his face. Although thoughtful, he appeared to be at peace. In his eyes, were written gratitude. The honking of the cars, the voices and movements of people, and the chirping of the birds didn’t seem to interrupt him at all.

The young man had a rich heart, like the soils in the volcanic mountains where he hailed from. Inside of him was a treasure not found in many. He internalized everything and from it, sprouted good, never evil or bad. He was ordinarily made like any other human. He had sad moments which he just didn’t care to dwell on. No wonder his skin was so smooth even though he was in his early fourties. Who would have guessed? Suddenly a young, jolly boy interrupts his thoughts as he fell right in front of him while chasing his cat. It was such a lenient sight. Helpless, the boy remained motionless on the ground. The cat and I both came to his rescue. The young boy slowly wore a smile of relief as I helped him up and his cat licked him to console him.

Simon always created things in his mind. Whenever he was in his moment he would practically start a movement or an invention.

This is an excerpt from my novel. Any ideas?

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2 comments on “Confessions of a country boy

  1. It sounds good and very intriqiing. I would the say two spots you dont need, or would change a bit. The “never evil or bad” part and “the cat and I came to his rescue” the never evil or bad, are kinda both one in the same, i would just go with never evil and leave it at that. The other part… Sounds off, it changes the tone and flow of the story, cause who is I? You switched from narrative to first person there and it doesnt fit. Otherwise, you have a good story your building on.

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