Down memory lane


Memories are made of these. The many lives of people that you have positively affected as you live your own.

Looking back to the many lives that I have touched fills my heart with such an immense feeling of triumph. Above all, my heart seeks to affect lives positvely. I intend to leave a mark wherever I go.

As I look back at the many lives that I have touched and likewise the many lives that have touched mines, my heart sinks in abundant peace. Yet my heart still aches at the fact that I have not had any real contact with the people that I once cared for and will never stop to care.

Truly, our past is a big part of who we are. I am still very connected at heart to friends and family that I grew up with. The love that we shared, and the bond that we had will truly remain. The struggles that I have been through have made me into the man that I am.

Memories made of fun times and filled with laughter and enjoyment. Some are made of times when I had hit rock bottom and never thought I would ever come back up. Some are sad. I appreciate each one of them as they are a huge part who I am.

Every little thing that I have learned to this point and every last one of the individuals that I have met and changed my life will forever be cherished. Each one of those will forever live in me.

What have you come across lately that brought back old memories?

By hisflyness1 Posted in life

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