Sunday Service

The sermon was powerful today. I find so much hope in the word of God. I would be distraught without it. After a whole week of stressful events and uncertainties, a wonderful service is what you need to begin a new week freshly.

So the sermon was titled, “being transformed spiritually” and the main verse came from the book of Romans 8:1-2. It is pretty self-explanatory.

The word urges us not to be transformed to the ways of the world even though we live in it. The preacher made it clear that it was possible to turn around completely and live a godly life.

The idea of surrendering our lives completely to God freaks out a couple of people, but the fact is that our lives do not even belong to us. They belong to God and as we die our spirits go back to Him. It sounds like a plain joke. It isn’t.

The preacher continued to say that each one of us was a tool that God intended to use. God only uses those tools that have been kept pure. The main focus remained to purifying ourselves.

The sermon ended in a high note, commenting that all things worked for good to those who love God. Even though some circumstances might be hurtful and troublesome God will always turn them around so it would work for your own good.

Have a blessed week


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