Let’s take a moment of silence

Passion has walked out the door in many relationships. It is dead and buried. Partners are frustrated because they are not receiving the correct dosage of passion which was initially being prescribed.

I conducted a short research if you may, among some friends and some strangers at school and a little far wide to get to the bottom of this.

Here are some of the danger signs that a relationship is on its verge of breaking up. In most of these cases if the AED is activated the partners could be resuscitated;

Lack of intimacy:

Usually one partner gets frustrated as s/he seeks attention but in vain. Intimacy may include but not restricted to hand holding, kissing, touching, and just to name a few.

Overcrowding and nagging:

Most of the guys complained of not being allowed some space or personal time and that their privacy was being violated over and over. Some breathing space is of the essence.

Not spending time together:

I got this response especially from the women that expressed some sort of anger for allegedly being deserted by their men. It occurred to me that a little time with the Mrs. would be much appreciated.

Lack of communication:

Miscommunication and lack of communication go hand in hand. a little conversation could go a long way in any relationship, it is the adhesive that keeps the partners together.


There has been a lot of infidelity reported in several relationships. Some claim not to be satisfied while some claim to do it because they want to get back at their partners for once doing it to them. There were a few more reasons that came up for partners cheating. One other reason was as a result of lack of the thrill in their sexual lives.

What other reasons might be out there that might lead to the death of a relationship and what things can be done to revive or keep the fire burning?


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