A wonderful service

It is always a refreshing a moment after a long week of hardships and disappointments, to embark in church and receive that powerful and encouraging sermon. It’s amazing how in an instant that bad feeling could just be lifted away by sitting in a church for a good minutes or so.

Today’s sermon came from the book of Judges 13:26-31. It spoke about the birth of Samson and how it was foretold. He had been chosen by God to save the Israelites from the Philistines.
God gave orders which Samson failed to obey. For as long as Samson obeyed he remained powerful and killed many Philistines, but the moment he disobeyed and told his secret to Delilah, he lost his strength.
God gives laws and orders to lead, guide, and protect us.

But the world has a way to sugar coat sin and make it acceptable and beautiful. Well the bad news is as we continue to celebrate in sin, God drifts away from us and obviously so does His blessings.
When things begin to go in a way that we do not expect we need to stop and look back and question ourselves if somewhere along the way we fell out of the love of God.

The moment we go back and repent and ask Him to have mercy on us, He is always ready to give us another chance and allow us back. Therefore take this moment and figure where you went wrong and allow Him to come in and make it better.

Have a blessed week.

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