Sometimes the will to go on
Is not enough to carry me through
Although  I know I need to be strong
Weakness seems the next best thing
And just as the will runs out
Like water out of a well
The beautiful petals of life
Begin to wither and fall off
What is life without the will?
What is life if joy is not in the midst?
Surely what is life in the absence of
So I gather my tools as a handyman
And begin to build  within me
The greatest person I can ever be
That can withstand  the different weathers as they come
Sad and joyful alike, wealth and poverty to stand
And even in life or death to be strong
Because the power that we hold
Is greater than we can grasp
If we believe

Yesterday, today, and forever.

Sometimes I wonder if life is just an illusion. Not to get me wrong, but I appreciate life and the people in it.
The seasons come and go and the previous sight is erased from us. Yesterday is gone, tomorrow can only be hoped for and now is the time left to make a difference.
I should imagine the moment I shut my eyes the current world becomes non-existent. Riches and riches of memories lay in the back of our heads and hopes for the future.
The journey of life has never ceased to amaze me. When you travel down the road of memory, you discover so much about yourself that has contributed to the person that you are.
Every tiny piece of your past builds up to the who you are now.
This is basically a call to build your today around those you want to see in your past. Your present and your future depends on you.

To making each moment count…