When does helping need to stop?

Make the most out of life… Live this day like it is your last…

These and many more are among encouragements and/or quotes that have been directed to me for the past few months. They all look and sound so enticing and fun to do. But I had to learn them the hard way. Obviously life is like a roller coaster; made up of highs and lows. Unfortunately these lows could get so deep that you might not be able to come back up.

So there it goes; Once again I had to learn the hard way how to say NO sometimes. To hell with being Mr. Nice Guy and cheers to taking a different role. I am fine with being called names but I will no longer push myself so far trying to be nice only to find myself in a hole that nobody could take me out of.

It is good sometimes to say NO even to your very own loved ones. Always take care of yourself first because you matter more. If you were not able to take care of yourself then it makes no sense attempting to take care of others. After all the appreciation you get at the end of it all does not measure up to the risks you took and going out of your way trying to save the world.

There I said it and I will say it again. Of course we are supposed to help each other, because you never know when you will equally need to be helped. But as much as the need to want to help comes always remember that you come first. And most importantly you cannot save the world or solve half of the problems that people around you are having. Better yet you cannot lead a blind man, when you cannot see where you are going either.

With that being said and done my HELPLINE is out of service, don’t bother calling.

When would you NOT help somebody that is in need?

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