Tis the season to celebrate

Winter break is my favorite time of the year. Being a student, I just got done with one of the most brutal semester… this calls for celebration people! I cannot emphasize my excitement when I think of having a brown Christmas this year; I am still crossing my fingers tightly. 

As we usher in the holidays and celebrations, driving down the strip and in residential streets the beautiful decorations and lights only say one thing; love and family. What greater gift than having people that love you to celebrate with? I cannot compare. A time to give and receive and most importantly spend quality time together. 

My heart goes out to those that will not be able to be around their families for several reasons; both avoidable and non avoidable circumstances. Nothing feels so good in the world than love. Give love, give gifts, give a smile, give time, give, give, give… It make such a huge difference to the recipient. 

Speaking to one of my residents at the nursing home, I asked her if her family was going to come visit her. The answer she gave weighed on my heart for several seconds before I could respond to her. A well of tears started collecting under my eyelids but I managed to pick myself up and decided to be the rock. She had lost every last one of her family members and she was the only one surviving. I told her how much she was loved at the nursing home and that we were all one big family and are there for each other. The smile on her face was so bright that it could shine up a dark room. That was an epic moment. I am looking forward for so much more. 

This season, make it your goal  to lighten up somebody’s life! Happy holidays everybody…

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