Many things inspire me on different levels. Our hearts are like hidden treasures, an ocean of different likes and dislikes and all sorts of emotions. I imagine it as a source of so much energy that cannot be contained in our tiny physiques. I am still discovering new things about me as the day goes by. So how about take your fishing line and go throw it out in your ocean of interests and inspirations that have not been discovered and see what kind of fish you get?
I was watching Jerry Wonda today; he is a songwriter and a composer. He just blew me out of my mind by his talent. In my opinion he is one of the geniuses in the music industry. And just by watching him and seeing the passion by which he works, it got me inspired. Normally I have a third eye and notices things that other people may fail to notice. Now this man here is talented. The fact that he can take your story and turn it into a song at the instant you present it and incorporates all your emotions in it is superb.

I am inspired to learn how to play the guitar and be able to tell my stories through music as well. I watch Jerry Wonda play and feel a genuine jealousy. He is meticulous. I could have learned how to play the guitar years ago as all my family is musical and can either sing or play an instrument or both. Unfortunately I put it aside and now regrets. The feeling that you get from striking those strings and making music is impeccable. It’s a creation. The joy that comes from the sound of a guitar makes my heart swell with joy. I want to learn it so bad that I became proactive and signed up for a class at my College. I learned that West Music gives lessons for pretty cheap as well.

Music is such an inspiration. It calms, it heals, it brings memories, it brings joy, and so on. I love all kinds of music. If it sounds good it’s worth a listen. I like to pick out each instrument as it plays in the background and just listen closely.

What brings you inspiration?

Must do…

Life is unpredictable. Regardless of the plans we make life always throws curveballs at us that changes the direction of our lives. This is the thrill of life. Of  course if we knew what the future held life wouldn’t have been fun living. But the twists and turns of life worth living and looking forward for tomorrow. That’s the adventure of life. Many years ago a group of us made plans to go camping in Hell’s gate, Naivasha in Kenya. It was everything you could imagine in a camp. Long walks in the hot scorching sun, wild animals, and a lot of site seeing. It was beautiful. We walked close to 10 miles where our camp site was and had a little picnic when we arrived and told funny stories and just laughed the day out. Oh how I miss those days. But all that fun had to come to a stop when the sun was almost setting and we had to start our 10 mile walk before dark. Although we had the map back, we suddenly got lost along the way. Darkness had caught up with us and yet none of us had cell phones. Our transportation back home was supposed to meet us up in the road at a certain time but we were so late that they had to leave. Parents were scared for our lives and thought about all the wild things that could have happened to us in Hell’s gate. Well I wasn’t worried, and so was the rest of the crew. We were having the time of our lives. We were happy about this twist. It meant we had to hang out longer with each other. Finally after walking close to 18 miles back we came to the road but we didn’t recognize it. At this time the only light we had was the stars and the moon but it was not enough. There were no cars driving by and it was starting to get really cold. We had to figure something out quickly. We tried holding each other but it was not long before the angry breeze broke us apart. Luckily one of us had matches and so we all decided to gather some brushes and pieces of wood and make a fire. Once we had gathered enough we started our big camp fire which lasted us through the morning. It was wonderful to be alive again. But that was a night to remember. Morning came and we had to embark on our walk to find a transportation to the city. A hot cup of tea for breakfast was all we needed before we hopped into the vehicle and say goodbye to Hell’s gate.
That was a risk worth taking. You definitely come to realize that life itself is a risk. There is so much to learn along the way. Life is too short to do the same things over and over and not trying new things. Why be too cautious? Why be very meticulous? How about just jump in the wagon and go? Let life take its course and be thankful for it. Next time somebody tells me to go bungee jumping I am in, deep sea diving, count me in.