Gender Inequality

Generally I consider myself as the breadwinner. I take pride in providing for my family. I therefore invest my time in college so I could be able to make more money in the future. When I decided I wanted to become a nurse, friends and family thought it was ridiculous because it was considered a women’ profession. But in my opinion it had nothing to do with it. Nursing was just another career that I was interested in. although statistics show that a higher percentage of nurses are females.
I support gender equality and therefore don’t think anybody should be refused to work in an area that is considered women’s or men’s only studies. If somebody has the qualifications of a certain job I believe they should have the right to do it. Although men are considered to do better in studies such as math, physics, and chemistry and women in languages, my standing is still that everybody should get a shot.
I feel like if I were a woman, life would have been harder. First of all the fact that women bear children, already puts them at a risk of poverty because they have to miss work for a several months to nurse the baby. The world as it is male oriented I would have to work twice as hard to get the same recognition. Although the world is going through changes it remains that a lot of households are being run by the women. In other words, the men go out to work or to further his education while the female has to stay home with the children and take care of the house chores. Prostitution, working at Hooters, strippers, and hip hop video girls and so on; all these industries that might rather pay well have reduced women to sex objects.
What’s your take on gender inequality?

Child Labor

I see child labor in other forms other than children working in cotton farms in Africa; For instance child super stars who are introduced into the entertainment world at very young ages. Another good example is one television show, pageant mom. The parents of these young 8 year olds push them way beyond their ability. By raising voices and making this known, could be a step towards stopping child labor. If consumers could stop entertaining these shows and movies then child labor could be on it’s to being reduced.
In nations that rely on the input of each member of the family to survive seems to be no other way out. If all the working elder makes in a day of work is $1.00 then I would imagine it best for the government to enact laws to support. Children should be allowed to be children. It should be up to the government to act on this issue. But in developing countries where the economy is pretty bad and the government is run by corrupted leaders, this problem only seems to persist.
Unfortunately I must agree that child labor might be a fact of life especially in emerging nations. I think this goes away as the nation becomes more economically stable. A war raged country for instance recruits little boys in the army. A war zone should never be a child’s playground. But most of these nations lack laws that govern them or corruption is so persistent that this goes unnoticed. Most families would have over 7 children altogether relying, relying on one person’s income is close to impossible and therefore children get introduced to the workforce pretty early.

Confessions of a country boy

The boy from the country sat on the top floor of the building, and drowned himself deep in thought as the crispy air blew across his face. Although thoughtful, he appeared to be at peace. In his eyes, were written gratitude. The honking of the cars, the voices and movements of people, and the chirping of the birds didn’t seem to interrupt him at all.

The young man had a rich heart, like the soils in the volcanic mountains where he hailed from. Inside of him was a treasure not found in many. He internalized everything and from it, sprouted good, never evil or bad. He was ordinarily made like any other human. He had sad moments which he just didn’t care to dwell on. No wonder his skin was so smooth even though he was in his early fourties. Who would have guessed? Suddenly a young, jolly boy interrupts his thoughts as he fell right in front of him while chasing his cat. It was such a lenient sight. Helpless, the boy remained motionless on the ground. The cat and I both came to his rescue. The young boy slowly wore a smile of relief as I helped him up and his cat licked him to console him.

Simon always created things in his mind. Whenever he was in his moment he would practically start a movement or an invention.

This is an excerpt from my novel. Any ideas?

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Food obsession


Recently I just became obsessed with food and it only scares me. I am simply scared. Initially I wouldn’t stand the smell of certain foods… Well some foods are still stinky to me but it’s really amazing just how talking about food triggers my peristalsis.

I sleep full and wake up hungry as though I never ate at all. I mean how on earth. One time my metabolic rate is  high and the next it’s low. But recently it’s stayed up there and the refrigerator is just seeing more of me.

Once afraid to gain weight therefore refrained from binging but all that care is now out the window. After all when I add weight it’s not going to be a good amount so where is all the food at? Food is just artistic, so I realized. To understand what I am saying, look at it before and after it’s made. I like the after look better.

Once food used to send me away but not anymore. I hear it calling from every corner. I love my home cooked food, so much that I am reluctant to eat out. Well that was before food got attractive again. Now as long as it’s well done I am willing to eat; sorry sushi you and I are just incompatible.

Time to eat is sacred. It’s a time to talk and entertain each other in between the bites.  Bon apetit…

What’s your obsession?



I look at myself in the eyes of my son; very innocent, knows no sin, knows not where he came from nor where he is going. He is a human being being molded and prepared for the world. The world doesn’t decide who conquers it, but us. We don’t choose what country, what family, what gender, what season, or what year we want to be born in; suddenly we just come along and suddenly we exit the earth. How well do we define life when everything seems to have been premeditated for us; in a certain year, town, family you shall be born?

The world could be a horrible place to bring up a child until scientists decide whether Mars could support life. Until then, we have to make the best of it out here where we know as home. Although true, this statement felt as if it was mocking me or abusing my intelligence; “if you say life if hard, what are you comparing it to?”. What else besides life do we know? Life is what we make of it.

When we are placed on earth, we have an assignment; you and I both. Your assignment might not be mine and certainly not the other way around. As I bring up my son, I hate to think that I am bringing him up in a world of injustice, in a world of crime and sorrow, in a world that punishes the good and spares the bad. My body shivers and trembles at the thought of it. I am bringing up my son to be a man with direction, a man that knows he can change his situations, a man that has respect for all humanity, and a man of dignity.

This is what I detest, what disgusts me and makes me sick; being judged by my race and ethnicity. Those that that discriminate against because of color may never get to see what lies past those innocent eyes. They are technically blind. How rude would it be for an employer to  readily dismiss your application because your last name sounds “weird”. Unfortunately the world has been able to reduce people to color and ignore the qualities possessed by individuals. It’s a pity.I look forward for a world that will not put my son down because his color. Remember neither you nor I signed up for this therefore let us embrace ourselves and move on. It’s easy.

Well have a good day everyone!

Finally more sex.

Whatever happened to waiting to have sex until vows were exchanged? How about being true to only one lover til death to part? With that being said, let me introduce you a little to my culture.
Boy meets girl, they fall in love. Sorry to disappoint you but that’s as far as the romance is allowed to go. Woe unto you if you are caught by the elders holding hands,even worse kissing. I know what you are thinking but the answer is NO. There is no death sentence to having sex outside of wedlock. But I am aware of cultures that would kill you. Although in my culture that would be considered a big abominiation. You are now probably saying to yourself you will never get married to an African girl because you might end up not getting some. In fact if you are looking for love making outside of this world, this is where it’s at. The girls are taught how to please their men in bed and outside of the bed. They could do tricks that might seem impossible.
Well so now you are in love with one of the African sisters…You are then required to present yourself to the female’s parents and state your intentions. Bring your father to talk on your behalf, or an uncle or big brother or a male guardian. This is so as to involve both families and ensure that they are both aware of their kids’ relationship and they approve of it. Then the female’s parents will present you with a whole list of things that you will be required to buy for her parents and as if that was not enough, a dowry in form of money is also required. Once all is said and done now you can rightfully take your lover with you and consummate them and have as many babies as you both wish.
I know that might be too much for you to wrap your mind around but you haven’t heard nothing yet. Remember you might still want to arrange a religious or a civil wedding. This is all outside of what was discussed in the previous paragraphs. This is a whole new budget but it is no longer mandated.