Don’t drink and drive

The slogan might be so common that we overlook it.

Next time before you go out drinking make sure you have a designated driver or some change for a cab.

The other option would be stay home and get chocolate wasted.

It just makes it easier for you and I; safer roads and no tickets.

As much as not drinking and driving could save lives, it could also save you a lot of money.

The cost of drinking and driving is so expensive.

Here is a little breakdown of what it could cost you:

If you were ever pulled over with a BAC of over .08 you are looking at one week jail time.

This could be different in each state but the bail costs anywhere from $1500 and above.

Then you are looking at court fees that would range from $650 and above, again this is variable.

As if that’s not enough, you get hit with probation fines ranging from $300.

The list goes on. The court orders a drug evaluation test that costs anywhere from $100 and upwards. Then you need to pray and hope that you are seen as an outpatient and not in patient depending on the results.

You will be required to take classes over a long period depending on your results. This would be like anĀ  AAA class that ranges between $2500-$5000.

While you are still making all these payments, your driving privileges are being suspended anywhere from 6 months to a year.

You could get a work permit that allows you to drive to and from work.

That will cost you an extra $240.

Before the DMV can issue a work permit you have to show proof for an SR-22 document that is available from your insurance company.

Your insurance company will then charge an extra fee on top of your insurance. This could be anywhere from $50 monthly until your driving privileges are given back.

Depending on the level of your BAC you might be required to install an inter lock which costs between $1000-$2500.

You could get a court appointed defender or you could pay for one depending on your income.

They charge by the hour. You might be looking at anywhere from $3000 upwards.

When all has been said and done, you will be required to pay to reinstate your license at the end of your suspension which is only a mere $40.

Now next time before you drink and drive, do the above math and see if you can afford it.

Mind over Muscle

It is not the size of your body but the capacity of your brain to work. I am strong believer in manipulating things to my advantage. I call it brain power.

A small idea, well nurtured could become a movement or grow into something very huge. If I were you I wouldn’t discard that idea. Yes that one. Give it a shot. Here is what amazes me; when I go to sleep, my mind stays awake. Interesting huh?

Never give up your mind for a thing of protein shake. It aint no fair trade if you know what I mean. There’s hardly a thing that the mind could not do if it is set to do it. Key thing is persistence.

A famous quote from my clinical instructor goes like this,”did I tell you it would be easy?”. Usually this is not meant to discourage but to encourage enthusiasm and focusing on the task at hand.

Everything needs time, and usually pays off in no time. Why mind over muscle? Well, you could break into a bank and make away with millions, but will later be brought to justice. But you could go to school and do a degree and make clean money.

Every invention that we see now started as an idea. And each of these ideas failed several times before finally becoming alive. You should these words with me: NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES, I WILL PERSEVERE.

Who is with me?

A moment’s joy

Many a times people act from impulses and end up regretting later. It could be a generous impulse, an angry impulse, and who knows what else?
What aggravates me is seeing a child that was raised up by firm parents get caught up in an unplanned pregnancy or ends up with a sexually transmitted disease. I intend to empower the youth and enlighten on waiting and holding on. A moment’s joy could be an eternity’s mourn. This is so true because think of it; sex is good. Honestly sex is incredibly the best gift a person could get. I am not trying to excite you but it’s the truth. It could be horrible too if you do not respect your body.
Parents always encourage their teenage boys and girls to wait until they find the right person. Every teenager should have a fantasy that should include the right person, right time, right way, right place, and always remembering that there is time for everything. The main focus should be getting an education and establishing a comfortable life for you and your future soul mate and hopefully children.
A lot of times good advise falls on hard ears. There seems to be so much pressure from everywhere including the media that pushes the teenagers into performing unacceptable behaviors. It’s hard to come out of a situation where two hearts are in the heat of making love. The naivety of one party is taken for weakness and thus exploited. Do not fall into temptation of doing it just once, for it might take just one 30 seconds to get pregnant or a dangerous disease. Whatever you do and wherever you go just remember that a moment’s joy could be an eternity’s mourn. Certainly do not jeopardize your entire life for a mere few seconds or minutes of fun.

When should be the right time (if at all there should be a time) to allow our children to indulge in sexual activities and drugs?

What’s in the age?

When I was in my early 20’s my mother always told I needed to grow and quit acting like a child. Of course those words were hurtful and didn’t understand what they meant. In my opinion I was a grown man. 21, 22, 23, and the same words kept coming out of her mouth. It sounded like a trend so I decided to be aware of the things that preceded the annoying, “you need to grow up” phrase.
One time a friend of mine called me and asked me to take them to a different state to visit the parents. I did. When my mother found out that I had driven my car and paid for the gas for a friend to go visit the parents and then came the phrase again. I realized she meant that I wasn’t smart enough. As you age, the world is watching to see if you are making smart choices. I am much older now, and knows better.
I had my first apartment at 21, and would have parties nearly every weekend on my expense. I was fine with people walking all up in my space and doing whatever they pleased. Again when my mother found out she barked like a dog. “You need to grow up”. I realized she was talking about responsibility. When you grow, you learn to become more responsible. You begin to respect your space and spend money more carefully.
Whenever I anticipated something exciting in my life I would blurt out and tell the neighborhood. My mother was infuriated by this and reminded me that I should grow up. Then I realized that quiet water run deepest. She loves to say that we were given two ears and one so that we can listen twice as much as we speak. Grown ups choose their words carefully.

What is your understanding of age?