I must have it…

Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off the goal. It is easy to get distracted sometimes especially when your goal is not well-defined.

The moment you make up your mind to do a certain thing, it is then that other things begin to attract you. If you are not careful you will get drifted away by the waves of life.

I was hitting a conversation the other day with an elderly woman and she went on talking about how proud she was about her sons. She had been complimented several times for raising her kids well. “If you want something yet you can’t afford it, do not buy it”, She told me. “That is what I taught my sons and they grew up to be very happy”, She added.

Goals, goals, goals. Always have goals. A goal is like a map to your destination. A goal will decide every step that you take. The elderly woman taught her sons to save up for the things they craved for and until they could afford them, then they could not have them.

As soon as you learn to set up goals and gear up towards achieving them then you will see that everything will begin to fall into place. Simply cut everything that is swaying you away from it. It could be the company you keep or the places you go to or the things that you do.

How do you plan to achieve your goals?

Live it up

What happens when everything just seems to stop? It is scary when you are not where you want to be in life when you had desperately anticipated.
We all have goals, and they are fine. Goals I think are like a map that gives direction in the journey of life. They tend to motivate you to work towards an achievement. I look up to so many people who have achieved their dreams and goals because they challenge me. A good challenge is positively correct and you can never go wrong with that.
It took me a bit longer than I should have to figure this down and as I look back I tend to get mad at myself and life. A lot of young guys of my age are living it out. Homes, dream cars, careers, families, and so much more. A few years ago I made my goals and started targeting one at a time. Although I am not where I wanted to be, I have not given up. In fact it makes me want to work even harder. Like a time bomb, time seems to just tick away.
In order for me to quit pushing myself beyond my limits and hurting myself and my ego, I decided to take a different route. It is only a detour but I am headed for the same goals. Although I might get there at the same time, I will be safer and happier than if I had continued down the same road. Life is meant to be enjoyed and at the same time appreciated. Every minute we live should be very miraculous and I do awe each of those seconds. I learn to take in deep breaths and relax a bit more. At one point of time, I would forget to eat because I was too focused on the goals to even realize I was hungry. I forgot I had another life outside of work and school. But learning to have the inner peace and loving and caring for who I am made a big difference. Exercising has helped me relieve a lot of day’s stress. I begin to look at myself in the mirror and admire the person that I have become, that I had stopped caring about. The only thing that I have to remember is that I have one life to live and deserves the best but I will work smart and not extremely hard to get where I want to be. Organizing my time diligently and getting things done on time so I don’t run over deadlines and soon begin to beat myself up again has had to come to a stop.
With the right support and the right gear, I am set to tackle my journey a step at a time until I get to the mountain top, I shall not quit.

How do you keep your sanity and still manage to achieve your goals?

Aiming for the top

What inspires you? If whatever inspires you is outside of you then leave your body and follow your dream. Sometimes the journey to your dream is not the shortest or the best.

You ought to use all your senses, do not just depend on one. Your whole body ought to be in unison otherwise you will live in conflict with yourself.

If you let it go and it comes back again do not fight. There should be a reason it came back. Scrutinize and make sure that the choice you are making is right. You should aspire to inspire; basically anything that comes your way should be blocked.Realize that once you begin to leave your dream all things that were once standing between you and your dream eventually follow suit. A believer is an achiever and a believer is not a follower but a leader. I just came up with that slogan and it should be carried by any enthusiastic warrior.

Aim for the top and eventually you shall hit the roof top. Fight until you can’t fight no more, bleed until you can’t bleed no more and cry until you can’t cry no more. Never stoop so low. If you believe you deserve better than stoop no more but stand aloof from failure.

In the words of a very influential man in my life,”If I can do it then you can do it.” Believe you me, you were built to stand any kind of weather, come rain or shine, storm or snow, hurricane or not you shall prevail.

Share your strengths, abilities, and imaginations that pushes you to the top.

This certainly works

As we go about the helter skelters of the day, the last thing in our minds is to get home and unwind. From the boss breathing hot air over your shoulders,to deadlines at work, a major exam, paying bills, and so on. These things run us down and wears us off. Driving home from work or school, beating the rush hour traffic are a norm but after sometime they become stressors.

I figured somewhere between life and death there are always things that will raise themselves against your peace of mind, joy, and well-being. But I also figured ways to keep them away, although a little stress here and there is allowed;

1. Listen to music

Your choice of music, let it play while you sit back and reminisce. The old skool music will always play the trick, it takes you back when bread wasn’t worth a dime. Those are the days when life was easy.

2. Take a nap

Forget about work projects, school assignments, or any other thing that might be lingering in your head and take a deep sleep. Sleep like a baby.

3. Take a warm bubble bath

These helps you relax and even loosen up your tensed up muscles. You have no idea what a bubble bath does to you until you take a dive in the tub and pour in some sweet-smelling fragrance body gel. It works the magic, I promise.

4. Cuddle

If you can’t afford the pre heated squishy pillow, just grab your lover or spouse especially in this cold winter weather and watch a romantic movie. It costs you nothing but a $1.00 at the red box. Just kick back and enjoy a classic like Titanic or the Notebook, they have never been outdated.

5. Pray, meditate, exercise

Find your inner peace, it runs from inside out. Prayer moves mountains, let it move your stressors away too by connecting to the creator or your inner person. It makes your skin glow when you are relaxed and at peace.

What is your tip to unwind?

5 things that add up to my job satisfaction.

Let us be honest; at times we end up in jobs that don’t turn out as perfectly as we would have imagined. Throughout my work history I pin pointed the things that made my job more tolerable and worth keeping. Here are the ones that really added up to my satisfaction;

1. Helping other people directly.

2. The day-to-day contact with the public.

3. Receiving recognition for work.

4. Adequate salary.

5. Setting own time schedule or flexibility.

6. ?

Fill 6 with the thing that adds up to your job satisfaction.

Yes you can.



In an attempt to survive, we suffer and in an attempt to prosper we fail miserably. I hate to see an effort go to waste. I’ve heard too many times to even keep count, friends say to me that because of being too cautious I fail to explore and identify my strengths. Positive friends are like a guide in the journey of your life. It’s a wonderful gift to have friends that acknowledge your potential. Loved ones around you only mean good. There are countless things that could blind us from seeing our most treasured goals. I have a number of people that believe in me, that push me to heights that I might have too little faith to get there. Belief in self is key to all doors of success. If you identify your strengths and believe in yourself to cultivate on them, then you can watch yourself begin crawling, taking baby steps and finally walking towards your goals.
For quite a number of years, writing has been my passion and although I would get compliments every now and then but I thought hard into it and decided I wasn’t good enough. As a matter of fact I didn’t appreciate my own writing besides all my instructors and friends adoring it. Finally I decided not to be hard on myself and the instructors advised me to be free spirited. I try to retrace back and see what was missing then, that I just acquired. I embraced my talent, and from then on have always written. Friends ask me how on earth do I manage to write so much. Well, I usually take my thinking cap off and once I start typing or writing I just can’t stop. It took me about 8 years to bring my writing talent to justice. If you have heard many a times, friends and family compliment you on something positive  or a talent, then it’s probably true. Don’t stick around too long thinking that you may not be it, instead jump onto the next wagon and proceed to build on to that talent.

Brain power

Do you ever take a second to ask yourself how in the world did somebody come up with that or just how did somebody ever figure that out. I believe we all have so much untapped energy and ideas just waiting to be initiated. If it is true that we only use a small percentage of our brains then how much more could we do if we used only another small percentage of the remaining. It’s certainly interesting and amazing how little ideas grow into big inventions. For instance look at how telephones came to being. Alexander Bell, whose wife and mother were deaf influenced his invention of the telephone. He became interested in learning how hearing occurs and thus the telephone was invented.
It seems to me wherever there is a lot of pondering, there is something being created. If you saw a need for something and you passionately wanted to solve it, in the end you sure will. If only we could manually manipulate our brains we could do things that defy rules of nature. Here is one impressive invention. In order for you to see it for yourself just go to http://airmore.co.uk/
Going an extra mile makes a huge difference to what already exists. It takes determination and the will to go on. You could make a difference wherever you are. It may not have to appear on the news in order to ger recognition but as long as a you are satisfied and driven to do more and greater things, then you are certainly in the right path.
Final words: Challenge yourself and put your brain to work. Do not limit yourself, instead trust your inner voice. Make a difference, change the world. Yes you can do it.