Sometimes the will to go on
Is not enough to carry me through
Although  I know I need to be strong
Weakness seems the next best thing
And just as the will runs out
Like water out of a well
The beautiful petals of life
Begin to wither and fall off
What is life without the will?
What is life if joy is not in the midst?
Surely what is life in the absence of
So I gather my tools as a handyman
And begin to build  within me
The greatest person I can ever be
That can withstand  the different weathers as they come
Sad and joyful alike, wealth and poverty to stand
And even in life or death to be strong
Because the power that we hold
Is greater than we can grasp
If we believe

A step at a time

Once upon a time was a boy
He loved to play with his toy
But as he grew into a man
He grew with a plan
But the plan was far-fetched
Even yet he still searched
Along the road he made friends
But the friends taught him trends
Eventually the man was misled
But as he laid in his bed
The plan came back in a dream
Arising he was determined to win
Although blurry he continued to seek
Like a runner does every week
He exercised in order to win
Friends and family called him mean
But all he meant was nothing but good
Good indeed came out of his deed
And the young man who is now grown
Succeeded through all and is now known
Thanks to keeping his head high
Even though at times it was hard.

My calling

From sunrise to dusk
I question my existence
What on earth is my task
Certainly not a coincidence
That this I may ask
And finally makes sense

Out of my mother’s womb
I was brought forth
indeed in a special form
I have so much worth
My purpose is not to roam
instead to rise above the earth

Now as I take upon my calling
To be the best that I can
Of course there will be falling
But I will always stand
And even as the world is watching
It will confess a good race I ran

What is your calling? Find it and never stop until you are no more.

What is love?

Love is such a strong emotion
It’s a beautiful thing
It invloves a lot of passion
My lover is my everything

Whenever you are away
Everything in me ceases
Yet my love for you does not sway
I will wait as much as it pleases

Love is like cold water in the summer
It quickly quenches the thirst
You are worth more than a hummer
Because you certainly come first

And at times, away the love seems to drift
Yet the more is the love that I have
I would work, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd shift
So our love I could save

How do you celebrate love?

Be led not misled

How difficult it is to bear
Hardships yet not share
Simply because you are not aware
Of the abounding love and care
That true friends want to spare

But be prepared for the truth
That might not sit well with the youth
Instead of jumping in and say I knew
Sit back and listen that you may be renewed
Finally your edges will be smooth

The elders are a source of wisdom. They are like a well filled with overflowing water. Simply grab your cup and come to the well and draw as much as you wish.

The sins hidden

The heart is a deviuos place
Yet many choose this path
It might look like a palace
But the inside is filled with filth
The heart is a devious place
Choose another path

The heart misleads the tender
The weak shall blindly follow
Then regretful they shall be rendered
Stand firm without sorrow
The heart misleads the tender
Choose not to follow

The heart plans to do evil
In the night sets out to destroy
And at sunrise will still prevail
Like a thief always planning to ploy
The heart plans to do evil
Choose not to destroy

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Get ready to exhale

I wrote this poem when I was thinking of so many things that could go wrong, but there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel. Only a bit longer and you shall be jumping up and down again in joy and celebration. In your trials and tribulations, hold fast to your faith and hope.

When all else seems to fail
When the crowd jeers and yells
When nobody makes you feel well
Get ready to exhale

When a loved one is gone
When nobody else is home
When in life you are all alone
Get ready to exhale

When the day seems dark
When there’s no hope and you are stuck
When the only choice seems to turn back
Get ready to exhale

I’m a winner

I came across a poem that I wrote 6 years ago. I read it once, and I read it twice, then it appeared to me that writing was a road paved for me years ago. Here it is;

I’m a winner
Those that make the most out of life
Are those that are aggresive
whenever they go out for something
They never look back
And it doesn’t matter what comes
In their way, they still press on
That’s the attitude of a winner
Oozing of confidence, and oozing of will
They might be scared and shaken
But only aware of one way out
A winner knows what he wants
And is ready to face death
Come rain, come shine
A winner looks ahead to the goal
A winner never backs down

Just a thought

As I sit here watching the waves
And marveling at the blue skies
The gentle roar of the ocean
Never ceases to amaze me
As it stretches from horizon to horizon
And runs deep below the earth
My mind cannot grasp how mighty
And beautiful these waters are
Then I begin to wonder to myself
Its heinous, monstrous works
So many lives eaten up in its belly
How much loss and pain it has brought
And right then it occurs to me
Never to judge a book by the cover
But certainly by its contents

The premonition

Simply because of you
I smile inside
And when out of the blues
Our eyes collide
The warmth in my heart
Is again rekindled
Even when I don’t intend to hurt
And my face wrinkled
All because you’re not here
Deep in my soul I still hear
You saying that you love me
As that orphan may be
Holding onto a dream and hope
That will one day find love and elope
So will I await
Patiently to reunite