Is it fair?

When I think of an old person, I think of my uncle. I think old people are
• Wise
• Experienced
• Understanding
• Hard of hearing
• Malnourished
• Wrinkly
• Annoying
• Dependent
I think 70 years is reasonably old. Most individuals at this age lose their permanent teeth, bowel and bladder control, muscle strength, sight, hearing, they tend to get shorter, hair loss, and loss of skin elasticity. The skin becomes wrinkled.
A lot of times they will require assistance with activities of daily living. They are unable to read probably due to loss of sight, they are unable to use the bathroom as they would normally do, they are unable to lift due to muscle weakness, their libido is low and therefore may not enjoy sexual activities, some co ordination is lost and cannot drive vehicles as well, they are not able to walk or stand for quite an amount of time, they cannot socialize as well due to hearing loss, sight, and they cannot probably feed themselves.
For this reason I presume a good age to retire would be 70. Of course other individuals would still be strong at this age but most other people are beginning to get weaker and weaker around this time. They are no longer incompetent and should therefore not be allowed to work. I feel like forced retirement should be implemented to protect both the individual and the employer from law suits in case of injury.
A no mandatory retirement law would only allow more and more old folks to be out in the work places probably doing a sloppy job, besides meaning that they would be taking jobs that the younger individuals would be doing. Also having a cut off age sets some rules and laws to follow in case of applying for social security and other welfare programs. Yet on the other hand if the retirement age was raised, most old people would be forced to stay at work beyond their ability. This will increase chances of injuries at work and companies scoring low and producing even lower as opposed to a more competent worker. If the age was lowered it would mean that the government would have to pay social security to people that are still capable of working and contributing to the economy.

What should the government do about lowering, raising,no mandatory retirement age, or a mandatory retirement age?

History repeats itself

When people lost their jobs when the GM factories were moved to Mexico, many people were angry at Roger Smith. Those affected were really worried but the rich folks made comments such as,” people don’t want to work; they like to take the easy way out.” The way I saw it on the video, the citizens wanted their jobs back and were ready to work, but their jobs had just been taken away from them. It was not just easy to get up in the morning and do something. What had just happened was tragic. Over 30,000 people had been laid off. GM just like any other large employer, could affect many families say those firms closed down. At the same time the employers being capitalists they didn’t see a problem with it. As a representative said, “GM has no intention to put anybody out of work.” They did what they had to do. In other words everybody had to watch after themselves.
Right after the lay off, many families lost their homes. People got evicted and the streets got infested by rats. But I noticed as others were getting evicted and wondering where they would sleep, others enjoyed playing golf and worried about winning a crown for Miss America yet they were aware of the current problem affecting Flint. At the same time, other people took their time out to try to cheer up the citizens during the difficult times. Churches encouraged people to look at the brighter side of life and be happy.
As time went by crime rates started going up. The jail population increased. There were a number of homicides reported. Something else happened. The government started welfare programs to help those families in need. Individuals received social security. Some of the help was just never enough to take care of the families and only came along monthly. People decided to go out and make money. One lady started rearing rabbits and selling them out as grocery.
Some families were forced to move out of Flint and go to southern states such as Texas where better jobs were expected. Those that remained in Flint ended up taking jobs that paid as half as what they made while employed by GM. All along while the journalists searched and looked for Roger to interview him, he was nowhere to be found and when he was finally approached, he showed no remorse for the people. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

What can people do to end or decrease this state of poverty from reoccurring?

Tax Reforms

Raising taxes has come to affect both individuals and business owners. A lot of people are not enjoying the money they have worked hard to earn due to the high taxes being charged. Businesses are making less revenue and are at a loss.
Tax payment is a voluntary act but really is a law. Nobody wants to ignore a law therefore moat people end up paying their taxes. Middle and lower –income taxpayers are over assessed. President Obama’s tax reforms reduced taxes from 35%-28% but really 23% is recommended to ease its complexity and burdensome. Taxes are unacceptably high for entrepreneurs and small business owners. As a result this becomes burdensome. Some entrepreneurs might resolve in some other private activities.
According to NTU in 2009, the following were the percentages of taxes paid by;
• Top 1% paid 36.73
• Top 5% paid 58.66
• Top 50% paid 97.75

What’s your take on raising taxes?

Gender Inequality

Generally I consider myself as the breadwinner. I take pride in providing for my family. I therefore invest my time in college so I could be able to make more money in the future. When I decided I wanted to become a nurse, friends and family thought it was ridiculous because it was considered a women’ profession. But in my opinion it had nothing to do with it. Nursing was just another career that I was interested in. although statistics show that a higher percentage of nurses are females.
I support gender equality and therefore don’t think anybody should be refused to work in an area that is considered women’s or men’s only studies. If somebody has the qualifications of a certain job I believe they should have the right to do it. Although men are considered to do better in studies such as math, physics, and chemistry and women in languages, my standing is still that everybody should get a shot.
I feel like if I were a woman, life would have been harder. First of all the fact that women bear children, already puts them at a risk of poverty because they have to miss work for a several months to nurse the baby. The world as it is male oriented I would have to work twice as hard to get the same recognition. Although the world is going through changes it remains that a lot of households are being run by the women. In other words, the men go out to work or to further his education while the female has to stay home with the children and take care of the house chores. Prostitution, working at Hooters, strippers, and hip hop video girls and so on; all these industries that might rather pay well have reduced women to sex objects.
What’s your take on gender inequality?

Child Labor

I see child labor in other forms other than children working in cotton farms in Africa; For instance child super stars who are introduced into the entertainment world at very young ages. Another good example is one television show, pageant mom. The parents of these young 8 year olds push them way beyond their ability. By raising voices and making this known, could be a step towards stopping child labor. If consumers could stop entertaining these shows and movies then child labor could be on it’s to being reduced.
In nations that rely on the input of each member of the family to survive seems to be no other way out. If all the working elder makes in a day of work is $1.00 then I would imagine it best for the government to enact laws to support. Children should be allowed to be children. It should be up to the government to act on this issue. But in developing countries where the economy is pretty bad and the government is run by corrupted leaders, this problem only seems to persist.
Unfortunately I must agree that child labor might be a fact of life especially in emerging nations. I think this goes away as the nation becomes more economically stable. A war raged country for instance recruits little boys in the army. A war zone should never be a child’s playground. But most of these nations lack laws that govern them or corruption is so persistent that this goes unnoticed. Most families would have over 7 children altogether relying, relying on one person’s income is close to impossible and therefore children get introduced to the workforce pretty early.

I hate to admit

Life is precious and is to be cherished. The adage, “East or West, home is best”, is absolutely true. I have lived most of my life in my home country and appreciated the humble and lowly lives we led. Power outages, no running water in the faucets, handwashing clothes and hanging them out in the lines to dry, floods whenever it rained, dusty air, tasty meals but almost always never enough for the whole family, and so on. These are the enviroments I grew up in and enjoyed most of them. The least that I could say is that I love home. I really do, BUT there is so much that I disliked, hated, detested, and darn it would love to change.
I understand that politicians all over the world fall short of the expectations of the people and they make a lot of miserable mistakes. It is just a pity watching the politicians in my home country. These men and women act a fool. You wonder who made them leaders and how the hell did they even end up in office. Their speeches are not intellectual and make no sense whatsoever, they have many unfulfilled promises and above all have ruined the country. They are corrupted, they kill to get their way, and they don’t care about the people they are supposed to serve. All they care about is their statuses. A country without governing laws or regulations is chaotic. Safety becomes a foreign word.
To cut to the chase, let me paint just a minute portion of my beloved country’s portrait for you. The police force plays a big role as far as safety goes in a country as much as we like to hate them. Not in my home country. In fact when you see one, run for your life unless if you have some change to spare in your pocket. It goes a long way to save you from false accusations or beatings. Here we go; If somebody is caught in a crime, usually the emergency number is dialled and the police arrives in less than 7 minutes and the problem is taken care of.
A young man is caught in a petty theft and usually if arrested they would be charged with 4th degree theft and serve a short time in jail. Not in my home country. Any theft is punishable by death and so are a few more other things that fall in this category. The public decides or better yet, the mob. All sorts of weapons are welcomed, machetes, whips, sticks, clubs, bricks, and even guns. The choices are endless. But the most important is a tire, matches, and some gas. Your life is taken away in the most brutal way that you can ever imagine while the mob is celebrating your death. Your life belongs in their hands. It is sad. And the saddest thing is sometimes these victims are completely innocent. Here is a video that I shared. Be warned that it is graphic and scary to wacth.