At the end of the storm

I long for the day the storm will calm down in my life. I must say the past 4 months have been the hardest ever in my life. I have encountered with more hardships and obstacles than I have had good moments. I was so close to quitting and say to hell with this life but I found hope and strength in God again. Even though I am still struggling and haven’t seen a light at the end of the tunnel, He is still beside me.
Part of me has forgotten what not having problems feels like anymore. Let me see when was the last time I didn’t have to worry about past due bills…? It must have been way back that I can’t even remember. And as if things couldn’t get any worse, At the beginning of August my father got ill and a little short while after, he died. I don’t remember experiencing a pain like this in the past. Upon receiving the news about my father’s death, I passed out and when I came back to my senses it was the darkest moment in my life. I felt such a void that couldn’t be replaced.
This was the only time the family was distraught all at once and the shock wave of the news transpired everywhere and phone calls of condolences started ringing back to back. While the family still mourned each member was going through personal hardships; bank accounts were over drafted, eviction notes hang by the doors, vehicles close to repossession, dropped out of school programs, family fighting with family, and having problems with the criminal justice system.
Having gone through all this and still being able to keep our heads up has been a great milestone and is on the right track to healing. I must admit it is hard to keep a positive mind after having gone through the things we have been through but nothing lasts forever. There is a time to be happy and a time to mourn. I have had both.

What strategies do you use to recuperate from various crisis?

A toast to second chance

How do you turn wrong into right? It is very hurtful to oneself and others that look up to you when you fall short of the expectations. So what do you do when this happens? Obviously it is not the end of the world, and what has happened can never be undone.

As much as it is true that you cannot undo a mistake, it is surely time to take responsibility of the situation and make it better. First of all you have to accept the mistake and be able to move past it.

The more you dwell on it the more it keeps haunting you and will not be able to get over it. Be mature about it and decide to move on. It is never that bad. Every mistake is an opportunity to become a better person IF you learn from it.

As much as I would like to condemn a wrongdoing I am just not in the place to. Jesus himself said to the scribes about a woman who was caught in adultery,” if any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone”. Apparently nobody did. Our guilty conscience always convicts us.

Our goal should be to better ourselves and to live at peace with everyone. Once bitten twice shy. Learn from your mistakes and pick yourself up and move on instead of beating yourself up for it. It does not do you any good.

God that grants us mercy is always forgiving and ready to give second chances. Remember the two thieves that were crucified with Jesus? The moment the thief on His right confessed to his sins and asked for forgiveness, it was a gateway to heaven. He was forgiven right there and then.

What if Jesus would have to ask the thief to go back and return everything that he had stolen from the people first then come back and ask for forgiveness? The thief being stuck on the cross would not have received eternal life with Jesus. Jesus is our hope and forgives as we come. He says we do not know what we are doing.

Glory be to God.

What gives you hope when you are down?

Sunday Service

The sermon was powerful today. I find so much hope in the word of God. I would be distraught without it. After a whole week of stressful events and uncertainties, a wonderful service is what you need to begin a new week freshly.

So the sermon was titled, “being transformed spiritually” and the main verse came from the book of Romans 8:1-2. It is pretty self-explanatory.

The word urges us not to be transformed to the ways of the world even though we live in it. The preacher made it clear that it was possible to turn around completely and live a godly life.

The idea of surrendering our lives completely to God freaks out a couple of people, but the fact is that our lives do not even belong to us. They belong to God and as we die our spirits go back to Him. It sounds like a plain joke. It isn’t.

The preacher continued to say that each one of us was a tool that God intended to use. God only uses those tools that have been kept pure. The main focus remained to purifying ourselves.

The sermon ended in a high note, commenting that all things worked for good to those who love God. Even though some circumstances might be hurtful and troublesome God will always turn them around so it would work for your own good.

Have a blessed week

Just believe

The other day I was having a discussion with my elder brother about Christianity and giving, so it brought me to think about its simplicity. It is so easy that it is hard to understand and that is why a lot of people are misled. Here is my insight to you that I hope brings light to your misunderstanding;
Unbeliever: There are so many religions to choose from, why only Christianity?
Believer: I choose to follow Christ, the one and only son of the true God.
Unbeliever: Are there false gods?
Believer: So many than you can imagine but only one is true, the creator of heaven and earth.
Unbeliever: So you think the world was created? You are disqualifying the scientists’ theories?
Believer: Strongly including the evolution of man. Why the apes are still apes? Genesis 1:1-28 is what I believe in.
Unbeliever: You speak with so much passion and assurance. How positive are you about the things you speak?
Believer: Very positive? Hebrews 11:1, I do not have to see to believe, I believe because I have read and heard.
Unbeliever: There are many written literatures in the world, how do you choose one out of the rest?
Believer: First of all I would like to say that without faith you can never please God, therefore I just believe. Yes the bible was written by man but inspired by, and the reason I know this is because it has been written and I believe. 2 Timothy 3:16.
Unbeliever: So you are saying all I need to do is just believe? That is the dumbest thing ever?
Believer: Very good point, you said it right. John 3:16, if you believe in Jesus Christ you will be saved and not die.
Unbeliever: Do you consider yourself holy?
Believer: If I say I am holy I will be turning God into a liar, so the answer is NO. 1 John 1:10, Romans 3:23. Nobody is holy, not even the pope.
Unbeliever: So how do you expect to get to heaven?
Believer: the Bible tells me that if I believe I will not die but have everlasting life. That is all I have to do, those are the instructions although there are duties that come along with being a Christian besides just believing. 2nd Corinthians 5:17, Romans 12:2. You will need to strive for purity and no longer do the things you used to although no one is perfect.
“There is no perfect church. If you find one and you join, then it becomes imperfect for no one is perfect”, Dr. Billy Graham
Unbeliever: Make me understand more.
Believer: Ephesians 2:8-9, Galatians 2:16, Romans 3:20, 28. However we strive to keep the law or do good, we come short (Matthew 26:41). God is merciful and sees our hearts, therefore he devices a way to save us. His grace is abundant. At the same time he urges us not to keep sinning because He has given us grace, for sin will bring us death (Romans 6:1-7). Therefore it’s not by what you do that will get you to heaven but at the same time faith without works is like dead. That is why you have to work for God using the talents He has bestowed upon us.
Unbeliever: Wow, how do I become a Christian?
Believe: Just believe…
Unbeliever: (sobs) I believe, I believe.

The fear of the unknown.

As we usher in the new year with a bright hope and tremendouus goals that we intend to achieve and already made up resolutions, something is yet not adding up. Good or bad, there’s only so much that we could do about it. It’s what keeps us going and gives life its essence. For without it life would have been very structured.
One very affluent man who once had it all laid down, a five year plan. He was married to the most beautiful woman you might have ever laid eyes on. She was elegant. They had two adorable kids, a dental practise that was flourishing, expensive cars in the drive way and a private jet. Everything, you name it, they owned. In a period of five years, they would be completely debt free and they would be ownwers of their real estates and so much more.
long before their goals were met, before children had grown up and before the 5 year plan was accomplished, the wife killed the husband who was caught cheating. Now who would have guessed that?
The fear of the unknown; this minute we are here and the next we are gone. We fear not seeing our children grow into adults and attend their graduations, weddings and play with grandchildren, we fear flying in the airplane because it might be carrying a suicide bomber even with the TSA trying to bring new rules and regulations, we fear that we might never see a loved one again even with the assurance that they are safe, we fear that as we drive off into the free way we might not make it to our destinations even with a completely serviced vehicle and a careful driver, we fear not seeing another new year even if we do everything right, we fear not being accepted to that new job that we just applied for as hundred others just applied for the same position even if we are qualified, we fear that we might lose our homes even if we have stable jobs now, we fear that a burglar might break into our homes even when we live in a safe neighborhood and have ADT security surveillance, we fear that we might fail a major test and not graduate even when we think we are well prepared, we fear that we might end up with a dangerous disease that has no cure that might kill us even with all the technology and medical inventions even if we eat a well balanced diet and exercise, we fear that we might not achieve our goals even with perfect planning, we fear that when we die we might not make it to heaven even if we pray everyday, we fear that an earthquake or a bad storm might attack at any minute or the earth might sink into the ocean, or that a meteor might suddenly fall from the sky and destroy the earth even if the scientists claim to be prepared, we fear that the economy might crush so bad that it might never resolve even with the best presidential candidate, we fear not knowing what we shall eat or wear tomorrow even when we have some money and an appetite and a closet full of clothes, we fear not knowing what will kill us and even worse when our last day here on earth will come even if we think we are in control of our lives. What is important is to TRUST in the Lord because he holds the future.