Men and dogs

A man’s animal’s instincts are rather pleasurable to some extent; a dog to be precise. Men put a lot of emphasis on sex in a relationship so much that it’s basically the foundation of it. I have spoke to a lot of friends of mine and a majority of them have only one concern; not getting enough. I am not sure where I am going with this yet but I wonder what men do to refer them to dogs. Is it really justifiable?
A lot of times when my friends and I are hanging out, talking loudly and laughing hysterically and eventually one of our phones rings, you could immediately tell right off the bat if it’s a female on the other end of the phone. Study shows that dogs like to be dominant over the weaker ones. They like to pick up a fight and their tone gets low if they dominate. It’s always funny to see a man suddenly change the tone of his voice when somebody they are in love with calls. They tend to speak slower, clearer and with a bass.
Growing up, we had Labradors. I loved the dogs and the puppies they brought were just adorable. They say a dog is a man’s best friend. I played with the dogs and observed them everyday. A male dog just never gets enough sex. I watched our male dog have sex with several dogs in the neighborhood and even had sex with his puppies. Dogs just want to chase the next dog at every chance they get and so based on these few similarities men have come to be called “dogs”. Similarly men will chase the next skirt whenever possible. Unlike females, men may not be very picky. Females tend to be attracted to handsome, tall, rich and certain complexion guys. On the other hand, men may not scrutinize as much but favor curvaceous women.
Men want and search for hot, steamy sex that will blow off their minds. They like to be teased a little and sometimes left to wonder what if…. A tip to the ladies on how to keep your men obsessed; wear a teensy, weensy little red dress that hugs your body like your skin with a matching red thong. Turn around a little and let him see the shape of your thong. Wear a little make up and spray a little catchy fragrance. The hair should be long enough and cascading to your shoulders and preferably curled. Throw it back and gaze at him piercingly into his eyes. Talk in a sexy, deep womanly voice and smile sensually. Now romantically grab his hands and guide him over all your precious curves while you caress his manly parts and whisper in his ear how bad you want him. Now walk away and see what happens 

Let’s talk about sex

Whatever happens behind closed bedroom doors is largely dependent on the strength of a relationship. You have heard of women complaining of men that can’t go for over three minutes and of course men complaining of women that fake orgasms. Study shows that over 70% of women have faked one. True or false, it certainly boosts our ego. Besides these problems, one of the two or even both of them ends up looking for greener pastures.
Here are tips to becoming a self proclaimed guru. I have personally tried all and more that I decide to keep to myself. I approve of all of them. Now, first of all you need to be able to define your relationship. Without going any further, here is what is missing in many relationships. Romance! To all the men that are reading this post, you must acknowledge that women love to be cared for and given attention. The same way you polish your car, or the same amount of hours you put in your job, a woman wants all of that. It might be too late but I don’t want to paint the picture of a relationship as hardwork but fun. Relationships are fun. And yes you can have romance without finance.
Find something you like about your partner and let them know that you adore it. It might be the way they smile that brings chills to your body or just how they sound. Hold hands and stare into each other’s eyes and confess your feelings. It does not have to be at an expensive hotel. Instead, save the money and buy her a sexy, red, lingerie from victoria’s secret and let her don it and praise her curves as she gets into it.
Take a minute from work to call her just to say you thought about her and can’t wait to get off so you can see her. If possible sneak from work to get a hot quicky. Remember to freshen up before going back to work.
Spontaneous sex is the best sex. Get into the behavior of practising sponataneous sex, at the same time safe sex. When sex is so obvious it ruins the excitement. Work your way down. Talking dirty to each other might get you heated up as well. Get started up by saying the things you could do to her (you should be able to fulfill each one of them).
Once the air is hot and you are all breathing fast and your palms are sweaty that might be the green light. Kiss her like you have never before and let your tongue swim inside of her mouth. Lock your lips as hard as you can and then just whisk her away and without warning her quickly take her pants down. The feeling is fulfilling and this might be the most precious 3 minutes of your life.