Aiming for the top

What inspires you? If whatever inspires you is outside of you then leave your body and follow your dream. Sometimes the journey to your dream is not the shortest or the best.

You ought to use all your senses, do not just depend on one. Your whole body ought to be in unison otherwise you will live in conflict with yourself.

If you let it go and it comes back again do not fight. There should be a reason it came back. Scrutinize and make sure that the choice you are making is right. You should aspire to inspire; basically anything that comes your way should be blocked.Realize that once you begin to leave your dream all things that were once standing between you and your dream eventually follow suit. A believer is an achiever and a believer is not a follower but a leader. I just came up with that slogan and it should be carried by any enthusiastic warrior.

Aim for the top and eventually you shall hit the roof top. Fight until you can’t fight no more, bleed until you can’t bleed no more and cry until you can’t cry no more. Never stoop so low. If you believe you deserve better than stoop no more but stand aloof from failure.

In the words of a very influential man in my life,”If I can do it then you can do it.” Believe you me, you were built to stand any kind of weather, come rain or shine, storm or snow, hurricane or not you shall prevail.

Share your strengths, abilities, and imaginations that pushes you to the top.