Brain power

Do you ever take a second to ask yourself how in the world did somebody come up with that or just how did somebody ever figure that out. I believe we all have so much untapped energy and ideas just waiting to be initiated. If it is true that we only use a small percentage of our brains then how much more could we do if we used only another small percentage of the remaining. It’s certainly interesting and amazing how little ideas grow into big inventions. For instance look at how telephones came to being. Alexander Bell, whose wife and mother were deaf influenced his invention of the telephone. He became interested in learning how hearing occurs and thus the telephone was invented.
It seems to me wherever there is a lot of pondering, there is something being created. If you saw a need for something and you passionately wanted to solve it, in the end you sure will. If only we could manually manipulate our brains we could do things that defy rules of nature. Here is one impressive invention. In order for you to see it for yourself just go to
Going an extra mile makes a huge difference to what already exists. It takes determination and the will to go on. You could make a difference wherever you are. It may not have to appear on the news in order to ger recognition but as long as a you are satisfied and driven to do more and greater things, then you are certainly in the right path.
Final words: Challenge yourself and put your brain to work. Do not limit yourself, instead trust your inner voice. Make a difference, change the world. Yes you can do it.