Yes you can.



In an attempt to survive, we suffer and in an attempt to prosper we fail miserably. I hate to see an effort go to waste. I’ve heard too many times to even keep count, friends say to me that because of being too cautious I fail to explore and identify my strengths. Positive friends are like a guide in the journey of your life. It’s a wonderful gift to have friends that acknowledge your potential. Loved ones around you only mean good. There are countless things that could blind us from seeing our most treasured goals. I have a number of people that believe in me, that push me to heights that I might have too little faith to get there. Belief in self is key to all doors of success. If you identify your strengths and believe in yourself to cultivate on them, then you can watch yourself begin crawling, taking baby steps and finally walking towards your goals.
For quite a number of years, writing has been my passion and although I would get compliments every now and then but I thought hard into it and decided I wasn’t good enough. As a matter of fact I didn’t appreciate my own writing besides all my instructors and friends adoring it. Finally I decided not to be hard on myself and the instructors advised me to be free spirited. I try to retrace back and see what was missing then, that I just acquired. I embraced my talent, and from then on have always written. Friends ask me how on earth do I manage to write so much. Well, I usually take my thinking cap off and once I start typing or writing I just can’t stop. It took me about 8 years to bring my writing talent to justice. If you have heard many a times, friends and family compliment you on something positive  or a talent, then it’s probably true. Don’t stick around too long thinking that you may not be it, instead jump onto the next wagon and proceed to build on to that talent.