Live it up

What happens when everything just seems to stop? It is scary when you are not where you want to be in life when you had desperately anticipated.
We all have goals, and they are fine. Goals I think are like a map that gives direction in the journey of life. They tend to motivate you to work towards an achievement. I look up to so many people who have achieved their dreams and goals because they challenge me. A good challenge is positively correct and you can never go wrong with that.
It took me a bit longer than I should have to figure this down and as I look back I tend to get mad at myself and life. A lot of young guys of my age are living it out. Homes, dream cars, careers, families, and so much more. A few years ago I made my goals and started targeting one at a time. Although I am not where I wanted to be, I have not given up. In fact it makes me want to work even harder. Like a time bomb, time seems to just tick away.
In order for me to quit pushing myself beyond my limits and hurting myself and my ego, I decided to take a different route. It is only a detour but I am headed for the same goals. Although I might get there at the same time, I will be safer and happier than if I had continued down the same road. Life is meant to be enjoyed and at the same time appreciated. Every minute we live should be very miraculous and I do awe each of those seconds. I learn to take in deep breaths and relax a bit more. At one point of time, I would forget to eat because I was too focused on the goals to even realize I was hungry. I forgot I had another life outside of work and school. But learning to have the inner peace and loving and caring for who I am made a big difference. Exercising has helped me relieve a lot of day’s stress. I begin to look at myself in the mirror and admire the person that I have become, that I had stopped caring about. The only thing that I have to remember is that I have one life to live and deserves the best but I will work smart and not extremely hard to get where I want to be. Organizing my time diligently and getting things done on time so I don’t run over deadlines and soon begin to beat myself up again has had to come to a stop.
With the right support and the right gear, I am set to tackle my journey a step at a time until I get to the mountain top, I shall not quit.

How do you keep your sanity and still manage to achieve your goals?