I hate to admit

Life is precious and is to be cherished. The adage, “East or West, home is best”, is absolutely true. I have lived most of my life in my home country and appreciated the humble and lowly lives we led. Power outages, no running water in the faucets, handwashing clothes and hanging them out in the lines to dry, floods whenever it rained, dusty air, tasty meals but almost always never enough for the whole family, and so on. These are the enviroments I grew up in and enjoyed most of them. The least that I could say is that I love home. I really do, BUT there is so much that I disliked, hated, detested, and darn it would love to change.
I understand that politicians all over the world fall short of the expectations of the people and they make a lot of miserable mistakes. It is just a pity watching the politicians in my home country. These men and women act a fool. You wonder who made them leaders and how the hell did they even end up in office. Their speeches are not intellectual and make no sense whatsoever, they have many unfulfilled promises and above all have ruined the country. They are corrupted, they kill to get their way, and they don’t care about the people they are supposed to serve. All they care about is their statuses. A country without governing laws or regulations is chaotic. Safety becomes a foreign word.
To cut to the chase, let me paint just a minute portion of my beloved country’s portrait for you. The police force plays a big role as far as safety goes in a country as much as we like to hate them. Not in my home country. In fact when you see one, run for your life unless if you have some change to spare in your pocket. It goes a long way to save you from false accusations or beatings. Here we go; If somebody is caught in a crime, usually the emergency number is dialled and the police arrives in less than 7 minutes and the problem is taken care of.
A young man is caught in a petty theft and usually if arrested they would be charged with 4th degree theft and serve a short time in jail. Not in my home country. Any theft is punishable by death and so are a few more other things that fall in this category. The public decides or better yet, the mob. All sorts of weapons are welcomed, machetes, whips, sticks, clubs, bricks, and even guns. The choices are endless. But the most important is a tire, matches, and some gas. Your life is taken away in the most brutal way that you can ever imagine while the mob is celebrating your death. Your life belongs in their hands. It is sad. And the saddest thing is sometimes these victims are completely innocent. Here is a video that I shared. Be warned that it is graphic and scary to wacth.