A wonderful service

It is always a refreshing a moment after a long week of hardships and disappointments, to embark in church and receive that powerful and encouraging sermon. It’s amazing how in an instant that bad feeling could just be lifted away by sitting in a church for a good minutes or so.

Today’s sermon came from the book of Judges 13:26-31. It spoke about the birth of Samson and how it was foretold. He had been chosen by God to save the Israelites from the Philistines.
God gave orders which Samson failed to obey. For as long as Samson obeyed he remained powerful and killed many Philistines, but the moment he disobeyed and told his secret to Delilah, he lost his strength.
God gives laws and orders to lead, guide, and protect us.

But the world has a way to sugar coat sin and make it acceptable and beautiful. Well the bad news is as we continue to celebrate in sin, God drifts away from us and obviously so does His blessings.
When things begin to go in a way that we do not expect we need to stop and look back and question ourselves if somewhere along the way we fell out of the love of God.

The moment we go back and repent and ask Him to have mercy on us, He is always ready to give us another chance and allow us back. Therefore take this moment and figure where you went wrong and allow Him to come in and make it better.

Have a blessed week.

A toast to second chance

How do you turn wrong into right? It is very hurtful to oneself and others that look up to you when you fall short of the expectations. So what do you do when this happens? Obviously it is not the end of the world, and what has happened can never be undone.

As much as it is true that you cannot undo a mistake, it is surely time to take responsibility of the situation and make it better. First of all you have to accept the mistake and be able to move past it.

The more you dwell on it the more it keeps haunting you and will not be able to get over it. Be mature about it and decide to move on. It is never that bad. Every mistake is an opportunity to become a better person IF you learn from it.

As much as I would like to condemn a wrongdoing I am just not in the place to. Jesus himself said to the scribes about a woman who was caught in adultery,” if any one of you is without sin, let him be the first to throw a stone”. Apparently nobody did. Our guilty conscience always convicts us.

Our goal should be to better ourselves and to live at peace with everyone. Once bitten twice shy. Learn from your mistakes and pick yourself up and move on instead of beating yourself up for it. It does not do you any good.

God that grants us mercy is always forgiving and ready to give second chances. Remember the two thieves that were crucified with Jesus? The moment the thief on His right confessed to his sins and asked for forgiveness, it was a gateway to heaven. He was forgiven right there and then.

What if Jesus would have to ask the thief to go back and return everything that he had stolen from the people first then come back and ask for forgiveness? The thief being stuck on the cross would not have received eternal life with Jesus. Jesus is our hope and forgives as we come. He says we do not know what we are doing.

Glory be to God.

What gives you hope when you are down?

Just believe

The other day I was having a discussion with my elder brother about Christianity and giving, so it brought me to think about its simplicity. It is so easy that it is hard to understand and that is why a lot of people are misled. Here is my insight to you that I hope brings light to your misunderstanding;
Unbeliever: There are so many religions to choose from, why only Christianity?
Believer: I choose to follow Christ, the one and only son of the true God.
Unbeliever: Are there false gods?
Believer: So many than you can imagine but only one is true, the creator of heaven and earth.
Unbeliever: So you think the world was created? You are disqualifying the scientists’ theories?
Believer: Strongly including the evolution of man. Why the apes are still apes? Genesis 1:1-28 is what I believe in.
Unbeliever: You speak with so much passion and assurance. How positive are you about the things you speak?
Believer: Very positive? Hebrews 11:1, I do not have to see to believe, I believe because I have read and heard.
Unbeliever: There are many written literatures in the world, how do you choose one out of the rest?
Believer: First of all I would like to say that without faith you can never please God, therefore I just believe. Yes the bible was written by man but inspired by, and the reason I know this is because it has been written and I believe. 2 Timothy 3:16.
Unbeliever: So you are saying all I need to do is just believe? That is the dumbest thing ever?
Believer: Very good point, you said it right. John 3:16, if you believe in Jesus Christ you will be saved and not die.
Unbeliever: Do you consider yourself holy?
Believer: If I say I am holy I will be turning God into a liar, so the answer is NO. 1 John 1:10, Romans 3:23. Nobody is holy, not even the pope.
Unbeliever: So how do you expect to get to heaven?
Believer: the Bible tells me that if I believe I will not die but have everlasting life. That is all I have to do, those are the instructions although there are duties that come along with being a Christian besides just believing. 2nd Corinthians 5:17, Romans 12:2. You will need to strive for purity and no longer do the things you used to although no one is perfect.
“There is no perfect church. If you find one and you join, then it becomes imperfect for no one is perfect”, Dr. Billy Graham
Unbeliever: Make me understand more.
Believer: Ephesians 2:8-9, Galatians 2:16, Romans 3:20, 28. However we strive to keep the law or do good, we come short (Matthew 26:41). God is merciful and sees our hearts, therefore he devices a way to save us. His grace is abundant. At the same time he urges us not to keep sinning because He has given us grace, for sin will bring us death (Romans 6:1-7). Therefore it’s not by what you do that will get you to heaven but at the same time faith without works is like dead. That is why you have to work for God using the talents He has bestowed upon us.
Unbeliever: Wow, how do I become a Christian?
Believe: Just believe…
Unbeliever: (sobs) I believe, I believe.

Now what?

Gone are the days when you could control your bowels and bladder, now you don’t even realize when you are wet. How sad it is to watch a loved one or anybody deteriorate as such. Gone are the days when you could eat and enjoy a juicy grilled steak, now your taste buds are gone and your dentures can’t take a good bite at the food. Gone are the days when you could pick the clothes that you like and dress yourself and even groom yourself, now your hands are contructured and so painful to move that you have to depend on somebody to do it. It is pitiful to loose function of your limbs. All of a sudden you become prisoner of your own body. Gone are the days when you enjoyed dressing up and putting on make up, now your skin is wrinkled and paper thin and your body either wasted away or obese. You wish you could escape from what you have no control over or you could go back to when you were in your early 40s or late 50s. Some wish death to come over them. Life is a gift from God. Cherish it when you can. Life is really too short to sulk in it, instead try to make the most of each moment so that you could be able to look back and smile at the gone days and look forward to happy final days.