Another fallen star


To whom does life owe an explanation? If I knew I would question the death of many fallen music soldiers and loved ones. It seems like after Michael Jackson, death became so easy to do.

The death of Whitney Houston was a total shocker. Pronounced dead at her hilton hotel in Beverly; cause of death not yet known. It was hard to believe the news that hit the radio waves later that night of her death. So far criminal intents have been ruled out as a cause of her death. I could only think of one other thing that could have suddenly ended the life of this crooner; drug overdose.

Ms. Houston had been in and out of rehab centers and she fought hard against addiction. Yet her achievements in life over shine her addiction life. She had the best records of all time. If Michael Jackson was the king of pop then Whitney Houston was undoubtedly the queen of pop.  R.I.P Ms. Houston, you will greatly be missed.

What was your best record by Whitney  Houston?