History repeats itself

When people lost their jobs when the GM factories were moved to Mexico, many people were angry at Roger Smith. Those affected were really worried but the rich folks made comments such as,” people don’t want to work; they like to take the easy way out.” The way I saw it on the video, the citizens wanted their jobs back and were ready to work, but their jobs had just been taken away from them. It was not just easy to get up in the morning and do something. What had just happened was tragic. Over 30,000 people had been laid off. GM just like any other large employer, could affect many families say those firms closed down. At the same time the employers being capitalists they didn’t see a problem with it. As a representative said, “GM has no intention to put anybody out of work.” They did what they had to do. In other words everybody had to watch after themselves.
Right after the lay off, many families lost their homes. People got evicted and the streets got infested by rats. But I noticed as others were getting evicted and wondering where they would sleep, others enjoyed playing golf and worried about winning a crown for Miss America yet they were aware of the current problem affecting Flint. At the same time, other people took their time out to try to cheer up the citizens during the difficult times. Churches encouraged people to look at the brighter side of life and be happy.
As time went by crime rates started going up. The jail population increased. There were a number of homicides reported. Something else happened. The government started welfare programs to help those families in need. Individuals received social security. Some of the help was just never enough to take care of the families and only came along monthly. People decided to go out and make money. One lady started rearing rabbits and selling them out as grocery.
Some families were forced to move out of Flint and go to southern states such as Texas where better jobs were expected. Those that remained in Flint ended up taking jobs that paid as half as what they made while employed by GM. All along while the journalists searched and looked for Roger to interview him, he was nowhere to be found and when he was finally approached, he showed no remorse for the people. The rich got richer and the poor got poorer.

What can people do to end or decrease this state of poverty from reoccurring?