Many things inspire me on different levels. Our hearts are like hidden treasures, an ocean of different likes and dislikes and all sorts of emotions. I imagine it as a source of so much energy that cannot be contained in our tiny physiques. I am still discovering new things about me as the day goes by. So how about take your fishing line and go throw it out in your ocean of interests and inspirations that have not been discovered and see what kind of fish you get?
I was watching Jerry Wonda today; he is a songwriter and a composer. He just blew me out of my mind by his talent. In my opinion he is one of the geniuses in the music industry. And just by watching him and seeing the passion by which he works, it got me inspired. Normally I have a third eye and notices things that other people may fail to notice. Now this man here is talented. The fact that he can take your story and turn it into a song at the instant you present it and incorporates all your emotions in it is superb.

I am inspired to learn how to play the guitar and be able to tell my stories through music as well. I watch Jerry Wonda play and feel a genuine jealousy. He is meticulous. I could have learned how to play the guitar years ago as all my family is musical and can either sing or play an instrument or both. Unfortunately I put it aside and now regrets. The feeling that you get from striking those strings and making music is impeccable. It’s a creation. The joy that comes from the sound of a guitar makes my heart swell with joy. I want to learn it so bad that I became proactive and signed up for a class at my College. I learned that West Music gives lessons for pretty cheap as well.

Music is such an inspiration. It calms, it heals, it brings memories, it brings joy, and so on. I love all kinds of music. If it sounds good it’s worth a listen. I like to pick out each instrument as it plays in the background and just listen closely.

What brings you inspiration?