Word of encouragement


The other day I was listening to a motivational speaker and his message encouraged me so much that I was dying to share it with my dear bloggers.

The message was clear and straight to the point. What really pulled me into it was how he went on to give his own life experiences that I could relate to.

The speaker mainly discussed the fact that we are all humans and bound to fall short of what could be termed as right or lawful. Finally he spoke about success and the hardships that preceded it.

You would think it makes sense to quit when things get harder or unbearable. I urge you to stick your head and stand your grounds at a time such as this. This is when your character is being tested and built.

Take for instance a seed. If you threw a seed on the concrete, then come a few months down the line the seed will be dried up. Well, if you dug a hole into the soil and buried the seed and came back a few months later you would see something beginning to sprout out.

The dirt that surrounds the seed in order for it to grow into a beautiful tree and bear fruits eventually is likened to the hardships of life. You will always have people around you that wish you the worst of life, others will spread false rumors about you, and even falsely accuse you.

Do not give up yet. While they are talking about you, they are spreading manure around you, they are pouring water around you, and eventually you realize that you have built a character that does not care about what others may think of you.

If you are almost giving up on your goals because the road seems to get harder and harder each time, it is then when the seed is making its way through the soil. It is then when it is breaking the ground and finally appearing above the soil.

Therefore do not mind the dirt around you, do not mind the hardships, do not mind the haters because they are there to make you better.

Feel free to share moments that have encouraged you to keep going.