Mind over Muscle

It is not the size of your body but the capacity of your brain to work. I am strong believer in manipulating things to my advantage. I call it brain power.

A small idea, well nurtured could become a movement or grow into something very huge. If I were you I wouldn’t discard that idea. Yes that one. Give it a shot. Here is what amazes me; when I go to sleep, my mind stays awake. Interesting huh?

Never give up your mind for a thing of protein shake. It aint no fair trade if you know what I mean. There’s hardly a thing that the mind could not do if it is set to do it. Key thing is persistence.

A famous quote from my clinical instructor goes like this,”did I tell you it would be easy?”. Usually this is not meant to discourage but to encourage enthusiasm and focusing on the task at hand.

Everything needs time, and usually pays off in no time. Why mind over muscle? Well, you could break into a bank and make away with millions, but will later be brought to justice. But you could go to school and do a degree and make clean money.

Every invention that we see now started as an idea. And each of these ideas failed several times before finally becoming alive. You should these words with me: NO MATTER HOW LONG IT TAKES, I WILL PERSEVERE.

Who is with me?