The power of music

It’s amazing how medicinal music could be. Try it! For the first time in so many years I slept with some soft rock music last night and oh boy was it colse to the best sleep I ever had?
Music is powerful. In fact it is so powerful that it brought down the walls of Jericho. The angels in heaven sing God’s praises all day. God Himself is pleased by it, it therefore has to be the greatest gift, talent ever. I love every kind of music, I am not very picky. As long as it sounds good then it’s worth a listen. From gospel to jazz, soft rock, and rhythm and blues you name it. Music is so relaxing that it has been used as a non pharmacologic form of treatment in the health care fields.
Music is able to manipulate all your emotions especially if its well sung and played. I really don’t care for the kind of music that is all over the place and awfully loud for no reason. Its just a pain in the butt, and will give you a nasty headache. But when you listen to the soft soothing music with carefully written lyrics, it will knock you right out. I have tried to complete my assigments with some soothing music in my ears and it worked perfectly well.
So I struggle with sleep every now and then simply because I live a very chaotic and busy life, at least until school is done. I juggle between work, school assignments and clinicals, and family. Twenty four hours just don’t seem enough to get everything done and spend time with everybody including myself. Besides learning ways to relax, it was crucial for me to be able to sleep well at night. Music brings memories from way in the past. As you feel relaxed listening it carries you across the borders to la la land. You begin to see yourself in the words of the singer; and that is the reason I only listen to music with positive messages. I know the power of music and therefore do not want to be conformed to any violent or aggressive messages.
In case you are wondering, just sit back and throw in one of your all time favorite compact disk in the player and let it work its magic. Go on and collect a number of records that you loved especially growing up, somehow those have the best effect. One day the songs we listen to now will have the same effect a couple of years from now. Whenever you are down, tired, sick, angry, mad, or just feeling insanely out of tune just listen to some good old music.

What is your opinion on music as a tool to help you relax?