This certainly works

As we go about the helter skelters of the day, the last thing in our minds is to get home and unwind. From the boss breathing hot air over your shoulders,to deadlines at work, a major exam, paying bills, and so on. These things run us down and wears us off. Driving home from work or school, beating the rush hour traffic are a norm but after sometime they become stressors.

I figured somewhere between life and death there are always things that will raise themselves against your peace of mind, joy, and well-being. But I also figured ways to keep them away, although a little stress here and there is allowed;

1. Listen to music

Your choice of music, let it play while you sit back and reminisce. The old skool music will always play the trick, it takes you back when bread wasn’t worth a dime. Those are the days when life was easy.

2. Take a nap

Forget about work projects, school assignments, or any other thing that might be lingering in your head and take a deep sleep. Sleep like a baby.

3. Take a warm bubble bath

These helps you relax and even loosen up your tensed up muscles. You have no idea what a bubble bath does to you until you take a dive in the tub and pour in some sweet-smelling fragrance body gel. It works the magic, I promise.

4. Cuddle

If you can’t afford the pre heated squishy pillow, just grab your lover or spouse especially in this cold winter weather and watch a romantic movie. It costs you nothing but a $1.00 at the red box. Just kick back and enjoy a classic like Titanic or the Notebook, they have never been outdated.

5. Pray, meditate, exercise

Find your inner peace, it runs from inside out. Prayer moves mountains, let it move your stressors away too by connecting to the creator or your inner person. It makes your skin glow when you are relaxed and at peace.

What is your tip to unwind?