A moment’s joy

Many a times people act from impulses and end up regretting later. It could be a generous impulse, an angry impulse, and who knows what else?
What aggravates me is seeing a child that was raised up by firm parents get caught up in an unplanned pregnancy or ends up with a sexually transmitted disease. I intend to empower the youth and enlighten on waiting and holding on. A moment’s joy could be an eternity’s mourn. This is so true because think of it; sex is good. Honestly sex is incredibly the best gift a person could get. I am not trying to excite you but it’s the truth. It could be horrible too if you do not respect your body.
Parents always encourage their teenage boys and girls to wait until they find the right person. Every teenager should have a fantasy that should include the right person, right time, right way, right place, and always remembering that there is time for everything. The main focus should be getting an education and establishing a comfortable life for you and your future soul mate and hopefully children.
A lot of times good advise falls on hard ears. There seems to be so much pressure from everywhere including the media that pushes the teenagers into performing unacceptable behaviors. It’s hard to come out of a situation where two hearts are in the heat of making love. The naivety of one party is taken for weakness and thus exploited. Do not fall into temptation of doing it just once, for it might take just one 30 seconds to get pregnant or a dangerous disease. Whatever you do and wherever you go just remember that a moment’s joy could be an eternity’s mourn. Certainly do not jeopardize your entire life for a mere few seconds or minutes of fun.

When should be the right time (if at all there should be a time) to allow our children to indulge in sexual activities and drugs?