Smile at life

Seemingly everybody seems to be on the go rushing to do something or go somewhere. The earth is on wheels. Children are growing up fast and leaving the nest, people we look up to are growing old and leaving the stage for the younger ones, and the older folks are dying out. Now just a glimpse of things going on around us is all we can catch. We no longer have the good one on one conversations, the walks in the park, and oh what happened to the good old smelling of roses? Time is ticking off faster than it used to. Where is all the time going?
Certainly death is the most ultimate and inescapable punishment to all human beings. Nobody knows the day or the hour when they shall lie down, cold and still. Nobody is invincible.
The little time running out like the grains of sand in an hour-glass is crucial. Show me the man who could command time to stop and I will show the man who has lived for 1,000 years. Suddenly the room is quiet. How much value do you hold in money whereas how much in healthy human relationships. Who cares if your casket is made of gold or you are buried bank safe? You might not even realize it. The fact is we return to dust. But if you touched the lives of people, you live forever in them.
Look at that tree by the river, the way it flourishes. It lacks no water and its roots runs deep into the soil. Who are your counsel? Words that offer me a support in times of distress and trouble comes from the healthy relationships that I have built, so I may be like the tree by the river. Do something good today for a stranger and give them something to hope for. Yes the world has become so antisocial that people hardly speak to other people. I just need the assurance that the world is still a friendly and safe place to live in despite the fact that everybody is chasing the American dream.

What are the things you could do to appreciate life?